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20+ Incredibly Bad Tattoos That You Should Definitely Never Get

Published 11 months ago

Tattoos are pretty permanent things – most of us realize that. And yet, every once in a while we see people with rather questionable body art – most of them even seem proud of it! Sadly, about 50% of tattooed people in the United States end up regretting their tattoos.

From colorful blobs, supposedly representing galaxies, to forehead eagles – you’ll be surprised what weird tattoos people come up with. Check out this compilation of hilariously bad tattoos in the gallery below – who knows, maybe it’ll serve as warning before you decide to get inked?

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#1 Nice Tattoo, Dave

Image source: Hairy_Cheeks

#2 Some Guy Tried To Copy My Tattoo Artist’s Work – Tattooed A Nipple On His Arm

Image source: samusxmetroid

#3 This Guy’s Haircut

Image source: youdontknowimadog

#4 Today I Learned That My Friend’s Chinese Tattoo Literally Means “Turkey Sandwich”

Image source: rebeccalmighty

#5 This Tiger Though

Image source: snake___pit

#6 It’s Supposed To Be A Galaxy

Image source: blahblahblahokay

#7 Roar

#8 For Real, Man?

#9 “It’s Is My Life” – Jon Bovi

Image source: Lolololokokok

#10 This Tattoo Was Apparently Supposed To Be Of “Stars”

Image source: macsimilian

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