Photographers Are Sharing The Setups They Used To Capture The Perfect Shot (20 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

When looking at a photo, you hardly ever wonder how it was taken. The photographer probably just pointed their camera and clicked the button – and while technically you’re not wrong, there’s a lot of stuff that happens before that button is pushed. Some photographers on Twitter recently revealed how intricate some of their setups are and you’ll be surprised when you see just how much work goes into capturing that perfect photo.

Kiddie pools, glass tables, and good lighting – check out some behind the scenes photos revealing how photographers capture their amazing images in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here and here!

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Image source: dananinha_


Image source: carolinelinsph


Image source: carolinelins


Image source: carolinelinsph


Image source: bryanminear


Image source: carolinelinsph


Image source: DruePhoto


Image source: kihmberlie


Image source: DruePhoto


Image source: carolinelinsph


Image source: carolinelinsph


Image source: DruePhoto


Image source: Jayflvcko__


Image source: kihmberlie


Image source: carolinelinsph


Image source: DaliVoodoo


Image source: DruePhoto


Image source: DruePhoto


Image source: kihmberlie


Image source: DruePhoto

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