This Man Sorted 551 Lbs Of Beach Trash At Home And Shared The Most Interesting Finds

Published 4 years ago

Quarantined people are coming up with all sorts of activities to make time fly faster but one British man decided to dedicate his free time to a more noble cause. Rob Arnold spent the first three weeks of lockdown sorting out 551 lbs (250 kg) of microplastics that washed up on Tregantle beach and shared his findings on Facebook. His post was shared over 9K times in just a few days and I’m pretty sure you’ll find it as fascinating as all those people did.

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British man Rob Arnold collected 551 lbs of plastic from a local beach

Some of the plastic figurines Rob found were over 60 years old

The man spent the first 3 weeks of quarantine sorting it at home

A study conducted by the World Economic Forum back 2016 found that 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the oceans every year. Unsurprisingly, these huge numbers have a massive impact on the ocean ecosystems and as fish consume these microscopic particles, some of them actually end up in our plates.

Surprisingly, some of the plastics held up pretty well despite floating in the water for so long

People admired Rob’s dedication

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