People Are Submitting Their Best Painting Recreations To This Dutch Instagram Account (30 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

Being stuck at home for prolonged periods of time has inspired some people to get creative. While some are cutting their own hair and trying out high-fashion looks, others are recreating famous paintings – and you’d be surprised how good they are at it.

Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine (Between Art and Quarantine) is a Dutch Instagram page that challenges people to recreate famous artwork using items they have in their homes. Since the quarantine began, the account has received hundreds of submissions and its success even inspired the Getty museum who posted a similar challenge on Twitter.

Check out all of the funny and ingenious ways people are recreating art at home in the gallery below!

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Image source: Jenny Boot


Image source: Lunéville & Vous


Image source: Malu Castilho


Image source: Bloc Cardio Pitié-Salpêtrière


Image source: Maria Rosenblatt


Image source: Fotomitos


Image source: Enfants autour du monde


Image source: Teddy Bears by Mybearloga


Image source: Galerie Taglialatella Paris


Image source: Isabella Beatrix


Image source: Jakob


Image source: Alison Woods


Image source: Melanie Marsman


Image source: Екатерина Готлиб


Image source:  Lesia Patoka


Image source: Merida Miller


Image source: Artist Toys & Plush Fabric


Image source: Amy Murray


Image source: Maddy Afshar


Image source: francesco tasselli


Image source: saharfardmehregan


Image source: Astrid Hulsmann


Image source: vitaliy_skrynsky


Image source: Kelsi Giguere


Image source: Kaisa Hernberg


Image source: Elise Verhoeven Fashionstyling


Image source: Marianna Sanchez


Image source: claire salvo


Image source: Clément Stauffenegger


Image source: juacquesch

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