20 Things That Are Worth Spending More Money On Than Buying Cheap

Published 11 months ago

We’ve learned to be frugal with our money. Economic downturns, recession etc. have forced most people to think twice and thrice before spending their hard-earned moolah. But with time and experience, we also realise that no matter how good a deal may seem, when it comes to certain products skimping on the price is not worth it in the long run. 

Redditors got together to discuss their thoughts on which items they would spend a little extra on, and some are very sensible suggestions indeed. Scroll below for a list of everything from pillows to shoes and everything in between. After all, buying cheap may only result in buying twice in most of these cases so really in the long run you may be doing a disservice to yourself and wasting money to boot. 

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#1 Pillows. My neck thanks me every morning.

Image source: Mail-We-Got-It

#2 Good shoes

Image source: anon, Clem Onojeghuo

#3 Pay to not see ads. My quality of life has significantly increased not being exposed to them

Image source: InevitablePiano6848, Nik

#4 Supportive bras.

Image source: Hullaba-Loo, THIS IS ZUN

#5 Winter clothing, when you are going to be outside for a while, trust me, it is a lifesaver.

Image source: sasksasquatch

#6 For example, mine is a bed. I’ll never buy a cheap bed again.

Image source: jespmaha, Kenny Eliason

#7 A good pen goes a long way.

Image source: sixpackteeno, Aaron Burden

#8 Maple syrup

Image source: Character-Draft-6503, Ed Vázquez

#9 Cheese. You don’t know bliss until you have tasted parmigiano reggiano. It is worth every extra penny + it is so satisfying to grate it yourself.

Image source: this_one_in_boots

#10 Kerrygold Irish Butter

Image source: Lauralynch52

#11 Knives.

Image source: anon, Robby McCullough

I stayed with my brother and sister-in-law briefly between apartments. I brought my set of Wusthofs. She has a congenital birth defect that affects her fingers. She was worried about having sharp knives in the kitchen because she didn’t want to slice off what was left of her fingers. She had always bought cheap knives for that reason. But she found using good knives, she cut herself much less because, shocker, the knives cut better so they were easier to control.

Plus, these knives will last forever. It’s one of those things that you can buy crappy knives every few years, or spend a little more and never have to buy them again.

#12 I knit as a hobby, and I always buy the best materials I can afford. I have a budget for the year, and I try to choose projects that will last a while. It’s just no fun to knit with crappy materials, and a hobby is supposed to be fun. I also want to be proud of the finished object.

Image source: kirbythesquirrel, Nik

#13 Tattoos

Image source: Duckvondutch, Lucas Lenzi


#14 My cats. Whatever they need they got

Image source: SnowyInuk, ModCatShop

#15 Crayons. It’s Crayola or it’s trash.

Image source: PengwinPears

#16 Ice Cream. GTFO of here with that Blue Bunny Chemical Cream polymer or that Nicotine yellow Walmart Vanilla.

Image source: anon, Elza Kurbanova

#17 Boxers (Poly Satin)

Image source: qwerty4007, Esteban Bernal

Hiking Boots (Columbia or other good brand); Toilet Paper (Cottonelle Ultra); Car Maintenance (Spend the money on the “extra” thing your trusted mechanic suggesting getting done when you bring it in. Get the good oil.); Home repairs (Same as the car. Get it done right so your f*****g wall doesn’t cave in.); Wife (Get her what she wants and you will be happy.); Ancient weapons of warfare (Just kidding. I’m not sure if anyone will actually read this.)

#18 Bed sheets. A nice set of cotton percale sheets will help you sleep better.

Image source: vicsfoolsparadise

#19 Boots. I have my work boots, my hunting boots, my deck boots I wear when on my boat fishing, even a pair I call my “town boots” which are just a square toe I wear out of the house to run errands or go out. It saves your feet, back, and knees so much over a cheap Walmart pair.

Image source: martorano10, Nathan Dumlao

#20 My wife ,she deserves the best after putting up with me for 30 years .

Image source: blade2366, Edgar Chaparro

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