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This Photographer Took Pictures Of Animals That Could Soon Be Extinct And This Might Be Your Last Chance To See Them

Published 5 months ago

Tim Flach is a British photographer and the author of the project titled “Endangered”. The photographer spent 2 years traveling the world and taking powerful pictures of exotic animals that may soon be extinct.

The photographer states that in this project, he wanted to reveal the relationships connecting humans with their wild counterparts. Sadly, many of us may never get to see the endangered animals Tim has photographed for ourselves in our lifetimes. Climate change, pollution, and deforestation are destroying animal habitats at a rapid pace and if we don’t address these issues fast, soon pictures will be all that’s left of these majestic animals.

Check out Tim’s amazing photographs in the gallery below!

More info: Endangered | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | h/t

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#1 Saiga

Image source: Tim Flach

#2 Polar Bear

Image source: Tim Flach

#3 Philippine Eagle

Image source: Tim Flach

#4 Hyacinth Macaw

Image source: Tim Flach

#5 African Elephant

Image source: Tim Flach

#6 Iberian Lynx

Image source: Tim Flach

#7 Snow Leopard

Image source: Tim Flach

#8 Cheetah With Cubs

Image source: Tim Flach

#9 Ring Tailed Lemur

Image source: Tim Flach

#10 White Bellied Pangolin

Image source: Tim Flach

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