This Online Group Roasts Awful Tattoo Designs, And Here Are 20 Of The Funniest

Published 2 years ago

Many people decide to get a tattoo in haste. Just because the tattoo idea seems relevant to you now, it doesn’t mean that it will be relevant forever. Of course, you can go for a cover-up tattoo or laser removal if you don’t like them later but why get a weird tattoo in the first place?

However, if you’ve already got a tattoo that you regret, you might consider sharing it in the subreddit Shitty Tattoos. The Reddit group with 182K members has a huge collection of funny and horrible tattoos. Check out some of the most hilarious ones in the gallery below.

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#1 One Of The Sexiest Pinup I’ve Seen

Image source: faizanmzn

#2 This Sh**ty Apartment Tattoo Of A Pikachu I Got, They F***ed Up The Left Eye So I Said Just Throw An Eye Patch On There

Image source: crazyhawk44

#3 But Why?

Image source: Important-Stomach406

#4 Mom Knows Best

Image source: FourSeasonsMoving

#5 Thankfully She Had The First “Artist” Stop Before It Was Too Late To Save

Image source: anywhereplease

#6 These Were Supposed To Be Brown, But They’re Super Red. Trying To Convince Myself It’s Just The Inflammation And It’ll Calm Down. Rip My Face

Image source: lumanous

#7 Somke Weed

Image source: RockyPennis

#8 Beautiful Cultural Tattoos

Image source: ilovegecko

#9 I Drunkenly Tattooed Some Inspiration On Myself From Nessie

Image source:

#10 Found On Ig. This Makes Me Appreciate All My Tattoos

Image source: rainbow-sparklz

#11 Franklin

Image source: ananonymousbear

#12 What A Subtle Coverup

Image source: eo97

#13 Imagine Having This Kind Of Cover Up, I’d Be Livid

Image source: Neurexine1

#14 Got A S**tty Tattoo Today! Girlfriend Is Starting Out Trying To Learn How To Tattoo And I Thought It’d Be Fun To Get Her To Tattoo Me. Obviously Wasn’t Expecting Much. I Think The Sloppy Lines Really Add To The Character Of A Depressed Ratatouille!

Image source: Chemo55

#15 Yikes! Showing It Off Like A Boss

Image source: elizabubblehead

#16 Oops, I Meant Hollie

Image source: humblepieone

#17 This Is It, Guys

Image source: mossvd

#18 ???

Image source: skylane890

#19 Saw This Loser At The Local McDonald’s

Image source: ChuklzDaJ

#20 Wolf Tatoos Are The Best

Image source: MischievousDoodle

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