50 Of The Funniest And Most Creative Christmas Cards Ever

Published 7 years ago

Christmas is the time when everyone’s mailboxes fill up with perfect family photos. The same flawless (and a little bit fake) smiles, same sweaters, same fireplace – year after year, nothing really changes, apart from people getting older, or balder, or chubbier, or even all at once. That is why sometimes you need to put a little spin on the old traditional ways and create something that stands out in the crowd.

The people listed below made sure that the receivers of their original cards would have at least a little giggle at their creativity. Not all of them might be appropriate to show off on the fridge, but they surely spread positive emotions and holiday cheer. Isn’t that what the Christmas season is all about anyway?

Scroll down to see the list of the most creative, funny, and often ridiculous pictures for family Christmas cards. We hope you’ll find a little inspiration there and surprise your family with a whole new take on the long-standing tradition too.


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#1 Last Year, My Brother’s Family Christmas Pic Was A Big Hit. Getting Ready To Do This Year’s And I Can’t Wait. These Babies Have Gotten So Big

Image source:  adeannephoto

#2 He Lost An Arm. She Had A Double Mastectomy. This Is Their Christmas Card

Image source: mikelem

#3 Me And My Cat’s Christmas Card Was Deemed “Sacrilegious” By A Few People. What Do You Think?

Image source: tamagothecat

#4 My Friend’s Child During A Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Image source: wankershim4ever

#5 Six Years Of Christmas Family Photos

Image source: CartoonAndrew

#6 My Christmas Card This Year. I’ve Been Single My Whole Life

Image source: kelsofb

#7 Making My Own Christmas Cards This Year. Nailed It

Image source: pootyparty

#8 We Have A Tradition Of Doing “Different” Christmas Cards At Our Photography Store In Norway

Image source: TheTigon

#9 This Year, I Began Living Alone For The First Time. This Is My Christmas Card

Image source: malsies

#10 When Dad’s In Charge Of The Family Christmas Card

Image source: tdastru

#11 Christmas Card Of A Single Woman

Image source: myredditfakename5

#12 Grandma Got This Christmas Card From Her Mailman

Image source: moneyballbingo

#13 Clever Christmas Card

Image source: newborn

#14 Gloriously Retro Family Portrait

#15 Wife Called To Let Me Know That She Took The Perfect Christmas Card Photo

Image source: kielby

#16 Took My Christmas Card Pic

Image source: judokitten

#17 My Mormon Co-Worker Finds It Funny When People Ask If He Has Multiple Wives (He Doesn’t). So For His Christmas Card, He Decided To Commit To The Bit To Freak People Out

Image source: CaptainOutstanding

#18 I Convinced My Girlfriend To Put Her Photoshop Skills To Work For Our Christmas Card. Loving The Results

Image source: Hardcore_Hank

#19 In 2008 My Mom Instructed Me To “Sober Up” And Send My Own Christmas Cards To Family And Friends. Here’s Every Year Since

Image source: John Cessna

#20 We Like To Go Crazy With Our Christmas Cards 2009-2014

Image source: Johannasburg

#21 Roommates And I Took In A New Housemate Who Is Less Than Thrilled To Be In Our Christmas Card Photo

Image source: luckyliko25

#22 Our Daughter Loves To Have A Creative Photo Each Year For Her Card And This Year’s Photo Is My All Time Favorite!

Image source: Farrell Photography

#23 These Are Our Years 2006-2013 Xmas Cards. We Have Kept The Same Poses And Order Through The Years

Image source: The Campanelli Family

#24 GOT Christmas Card

Image source: poptartarus

#25 The Bergeron Family Holiday Tradition 2003-2016

Image source: berjon1

#26 I Got A Little Carried Away With This Year’s Christmas Card

Image source: picturethisyall

#27 My Cousins Made A Pretty Great Christmas Card This Year

Image source: FioTheGreat

#28 Relationship Status: Emily

Image source: cantseawright

#29 I Work In Waste Water Treatment, My Parents Wanted A Picture For Their Christmas Cards

Image source: mags387

#30 This Years Christmas Card With The Roommates Turned Out Better Than The Expected

Image source: desperato

#31 I Present To You My Vote For Best Christmas Card Of 2011

Image source: wgpubs

#32 Outside And Inside Of Our Holiday Card

Image source: Mike Van Tassell

#33 Every Year My Tortoise And I Make A Christmas Card

Image source: MartinMcFuck

#34 My Favorite Picture From A Friends Christmas Card

Image source: daveaspen

#35 Christmas Card Starring Our Hedgehog

Image source: jennyjillon

#36 My Parents Thought Los Angeles Would Be A Bad Influence On Me So I Sent Them This Christmas Card To Let Them Know Everything Is Just Fine

Image source: Dick_Pricklestix

#37 My Family’s Christmas Photo

Image source: rachelpurrmeow

#38 My Friend And His Roommates Took Their Christmas Card Photo

Image source: LordofDecay

#39 Wife Wanted A Family Portrait For Christmas. This Is What She Got

Image source: discoversooke

#40 My Forever Alone Christmas Card

Image source: Khadejeh

#41 This Little Guy Just Became Our Christmas Card. Say Hi To Max!

Image source: lazyforaname

#42 Got This Christmas Card From My Neighbor

Image source: ninjas_in_my_pants

#43 This Year My Dog Waffles And I Made A Christmas Card! This Is The Face That She Made!

Image source: julzthefool

#44 Elaborate Holiday Card

#45 My Girlfriend And I Also Had An 80’s Themed Christmas Card

Image source: boomliftcertified

#46 My Grandpa Stepped Up His Game With The Christmas Card Photo

Image source: lolmycat

#47 Christmas Card Photo From My Friend And His Sister. I’d Say They Nailed It

Image source: schecska

#48 My Family Didn’t Really Understand My Christmas Card

Image source: iheartmalta

#49 Convinced My Family To Go Out And Get Family Christmas Photos Done. This Is The Only Family Portrait That Exists Of My Family

Image source: ToddGakkkk

#50 I Also Had A “Really Good Idea” For A Christmas Card That Didn’t Go So Well. Learned The Hard Way, That Bleaching Your Beard Is Really Painful

Image source: iamkokonutz


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