This Family Takes Different Kinds Of Christmas Family Photos

Published 8 years ago

While I have never posed for a family Christmas card, the Power family has. And over five years of celebrations, they have made the quite the portfolio of odd Christmas cards. No year is the same for the family, as they have dressed up as country hicks, drag queens, and crab people from wherever Zoidberg comes from.

The collection was posted by the son of the family, Andrew Power, who goes by Cartoon Andrew on reddit and Hellvetika on Instagram. He’s a designer and an illustrator, who “sometimes pretend [sic] to be a drag queen.” That explains the make up that one year! Oh, and if you’re guessing what the gimmick is this year, we’ll post the answer at the end of the article.

More info: instagram | facebook (h/t: reddit)

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This is the Power Family greeting card for this year. Can you spot the gimmic?






If you haven’t noticed, this year, Power family hired a doppleganger to pose as the mother. Nobody noticed. 

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