4 Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When Finding a Bookkeeper in Gold Coast

Published 8 years ago

To ensure the success of your business, financial transactions and activities must be handled and monitored properly. This is why it’s important to hire a bookkeeper Gold Coast can be proud of. With a bookkeeping expert to assist you, you can better organise your books, keep track of your financial activities, and ensure the accuracy of your financial records. You can save time and effort, too.

H1: Things to Avoid When Hiring a Bookkeeper

When outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks to an individual or a bookkeeping firm, see to it that you don’t make the following mistakes to ensure that you’ll get quality services.

1. Immediately settling for the first bookkeeper you’ll find

Many business owners often settle for the first bookkeeper they find, thinking that it would save them time and effort. What they don’t know is that being on a hurry to hire someone may cause them to miss other candidates who might be more skilled and qualified than the one they have already chosen. Therefore, don’t make this mistake. What you should do is conduct a bit of research and compare bookkeeping firms against each other to identify which of them can offer you better and more efficient services.

2. Not asking the bookkeeper how they get paid

Some bookkeeping firms and independent bookkeepers offer a fixed price for their services while others charge by the hour. If you fail to discuss this issue with your bookkeeper, you might find yourself having a misunderstanding with your bookkeeper when it’s time to write them a check. Therefore, make sure that that you clarify how the bookkeeper would like to get paid to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

3. Forgetting to ask about the bookkeeper’s qualifications

Before you assign a particular task to your bookkeeper, see to it that they are licensed to do it. For instance, if you want the bookkeeper to help you prepare tax returns, ensure that the bookkeeper is a registered tax agent or BAS agent. It is because only registered tax and BAS agents can charge you for preparing tax returns or activity statements.

4. Not enquiring about the cost of services

To ensure that you can afford the firm’s bookkeeping services, don’t forget to ask for quotes or enquire about the price of their bookkeeping solutions.

H2: Do Your Homework

Always remember that the key to getting reliable bookkeeping services Gold Coast is doing your homework well. Before you hire someone, therefore, you should conduct some research to ensure that you’re hiring the right people for the job.

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