5 Baby Items Parents Can Buy Second Hand to Save Money

Published 8 years ago

When looking at the monthly budget, do you get surprised by the huge expenses done on shopping of kid’s items? This is one of the problems almost every parent faces. There is a long list of must-have items for the kids which you cannot ignore at all. The only option you have is to look for ways to save money on shopping for those essential items.

Toys, bedding, potty trainers, bikes, clothes, and books, there are hundreds of things parents need to buy for the kids. As these are the things for kids, you cannot think about buying the cheap stuff. Parents always try to buy the best items for convenience and comfort of the kids.

What if you can save a lot of money on shopping for these essentials? Yes, this is possible now. There are so many secondhand kids stores, which allow you to buy, sell and swap used items. On these sites, you can buy and sell anything from toys to strollers, play yard, footwear and secondhand luxury clothing.

Buying second-hand products for the kids is a great way to save money and help the environment. The online second hand clothing and toy stores accept the barely used items and outgrown clothes to sell them to the other parents like you.

Here is the list of five baby items you can buy, sell and swap online to save money.

Baby monitor

Buying baby monitor to keep a check on the kid’s activities is getting common nowadays. You just need a user manual and fresh pair of batteries, which I don’t think is needed to be always brand new.

Baby bathtub

Bathtub for the kids is used just for a few months (maximum three months) and after this, it is of no use. So it is better to go for a used one and sell it back on the same website when it is not useful for you. If you are worried about the hygiene and cleanliness, you can bleach it or rinse it with hot water to make it look like a new one.

Baby clothing

If parents are asked about anything that kids outgrow fastest, they will say clothes. Some of the luxury and branded clothes are used just once or twice and after that, these look like the borrowed one. So it is better to buy designer second-hand kids clothes online to save money and to get the latest designs.

Besides buying gently used designer clothes, you can also clear the mess from your child’s wardrobe by putting the outgrown clothes on sale. There are so many online secondhand clothing stores like Dutch Choice that allow parents to buy and sell used clothes. You can register on these sites to save money on shopping of designer kid’s clothes.


Toys are favorite items for kids, but only for some time. The thing they love today will be cast aside tomorrow. So why spend a fortune on such toys. Buy plastic toys from the secondhand stores, sterilize them and here you have got new like toys for your little wonders.


When going out or visiting the malls, the most convenient thing moms find is a stroller. But for how long; just for a few months. Instead of going for cheap strollers that will make your child uncomfortable, it is better to get a high-quality but used stroller for the same money.

When buying secondhand, just make sure you do it from a reliable store. Look for the stores which upload a real picture of the products and accept the lots only after a thorough quality check process.

Thinking of any such store? Just visit Dutch Choice to discover the best second hand designer clothing online.

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