50+ Photos Show Dogs Before & After Their Adoption, And It’s Hard To Believe They Are The Same Dogs

Published 6 years ago

Adopting a pet is the best thing that can happen to a shelter animal and even though it is a huge responsibility it will always bring happiness to you and your new pet. To show what love and care can do, owners all over the world are sharing heartwarming pictures of their dogs before & after adoption.

This beautiful compilation shows the impact that our love has on these animals – from tired and sad faces to huge smiles and king-sized beds. This will surely clear any doubts whether or not adoption is the right choice. Check these photos below!


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#1 Before And After Adoption

#2 My Ex Worked At The Spca And Refused To Let This Piglet Be Euthanized, So She Took Him Home. She Did An Amazing Job.

Image source: phil2146

#3 Before And After Adoption

Image source: BittersweetSymphony

#4 My Dog Wynter – From Living In The Streets To Relaxing In My Backyard

Image source: Coolmorecooties

#5 From Cellmates To Lifemates

Image source: RecurrentlyDisturb

#6 Ripley At Around 6 Months In Iran And Again At Around 1 Year In Her Forever Home In The United States

Image source: besidethebed

#7 Before And After Adoption

Image source: Klaudija Sigurnjak

#8 Hank! Abuse Left This Poor Pup With Scars And Timidness, But Now He Smiles Ear-To-Ear

Image source: thecoiner

#9 Frank The Tank. Before And After Adoption

Image source: frankthedoggotank

#10 So My Sis Adopted Her Very First Dog And His Before And After Pics Have Me Crying

Image source: meriah_j

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