7 Failsafe Ways to Cleanse & Enrich Your Marketing Data

Published 8 years ago

When your business gathers a huge customer database, it requires both time and energy to keep track of the constantly changing information. Often times, your database becomes outdated and inconsistent resulting in a hampered business growth. Outsourcing data cleansing services becomes quintessential to reduce your operating costs and increase business productivity.

Data cleansing operatives manually check, clean and update your database at regular intervals, regardless of its volume and complexity. Hiring such services fixes invalid email addresses, zip codes, postal addresses, etc., and diversifies your user demographic, increases conversion rate and boosts your ROI. Here is a list of the various data cleansing services which will make your life easier:

1. Filter Records:

To communicate with your daily business prospects efficiently by managing your information, a manual check of your customer, company or other records is performed by data cleansing experts. This updates outdated data and provides data consistency while adhering to the format of your choice.

Omission of typos & incorrect spellings: Manual proofreading by data cleansing team ensures that all typographical mistakes, grammatical variations, punctuation and spelling errors are rectified.

2. Cleanse Mailing Lists:

Your marketing campaign is more likely to succeed if your mailing list is free of repetitions, thus increasing profits. Cleansing your mailing list makes your direct mailing program more effective and reaches a diversified audience without repeated mails.

Complete missing entries: Identifying the missing records and maintaining a uniform database is an important task for your business. Filling out missing postal codes and adding emails completes your database and makes it error-free.

3. De-duplicate Entries:

Duplication of data results in reduced online data storage capacity and might add in your expenses at a later stage in your business development process. Thus, data cleansing services removes duplicate data from your records and maintains data integrity.

Data standardization and normalization: This process involves standardizing all the attributes in a database for uniformity to ensure consistency throughout the database. Data normalization includes re-formatting and structuring of the whole database. Some common choices for normalization are job titles, locations, and bogus data.

4. Data Verification and Validation:

After data cleansing is completed, the data is verified against its original sources to ensure data authenticity. Companies grow their businesses and more resources are needed to maintain accurate database(s); data cleansing is a necessary business function that can be outsourced seamlessly which helps you maintain your business critical information at a high quality.

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7 Failsafe Ways to Cleanse & Enrich Your Marketing Data

7 Failsafe Ways to Cleanse & Enrich Your Marketing Data

7 Failsafe Ways to Cleanse & Enrich Your Marketing Data

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