Couple Does 80s Themed Photoshoot To Celebrate Engagement

Published 7 years ago

This couple has decided to celebrate their engagement with a photoshoot straight from the magazines… That is if those magazines were dated back to the 1980s.

I proposed to my fiancée last week on July 16, 2017. It was special, a private occasion involving some good wine, my backyard and a lot of flowers. She said “yes” and just like that, the two years of falling in love with my best friend felt so timeless. We are pumped to get married.

“Photography and design are things we do professionally,” explained Noah Smith to Bored Panda. “We are no strangers to the magazine-styled engagement photography that seems to be the standard these days. But when we thought about taking that route, neither of us got excited. Instead, we chose to celebrate the raw FUN we have in our relationship.”

And so after Noah’s fiancée said “yes” only a couple weeks back, they started brainstorming on how to inform their loved ones about it: “So when it came time to make our own announcement, awkward, kitchy, and creative were exciting themes that unhinged “the standard” and allowed our creative passions and teamwork to run. We are both inspired by the art direction of films like Napoleon Dynamite, Eagle vs. Shark, and find a lot of creative value in the age of “yuppies,” shoulder pads and synthesizer music.”

After spending $30 in the local thrift shop, the couple had all the clothes and accessories they needed for this throwback to the 80s, and after a couple of evenings of shooting and editing, they came up with this.

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This is my fiancée and I. On July 16, 2017 I proposed to her in my backyard with some good wine and a lot of flowers. And she said “Yes”

We didn’t want to have magazine-styled engagement photos so we chose to celebrate the raw FUN we have in our relationship

After some time in a thrift store, two nights of a fun photoshoot and some photoshop magic, our 80s themed engagement photos were born


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