40 Nostalgic Pictures To Take You Back To Christmas In The ‘90s

Published 7 months ago

We love to sit and reminisce about times gone by and we have discussed everything from the 80s to the 90s to many other things from our collective past. Today, however, we’ve gathered all sorts of nostalgic memories related to a niche topic; the art of celebrating Christmas in the 90s. 

From watching holiday movies like Home Alone for the first time, to marking toys on catalogues, there are many things that we don’t do anymore that were all too popular for most of us during decades gone by. Scroll below for a collection of opinions Netizens shared on the subject which we’ve compiled into a list below. 

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#1 These Christmas LifeSavers “Books” Were Guaranteed To Be In My Stocking Every Year

David: Okay, this one IS a memory. I have both given and received. And none of that trick packaging c**p. What you see is exactly what you got. No “picture of contents that turns out to be covering a blank space”

#2 Every Parents’ Regrettable Christmas Present: A Loud Aiwa Multi-CD Player Shelf System

Image source: skullmyers

#3 The Muppet Christmas Carol – Still Genuinely Holds Up As One Of The Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

Image source: Two-HeadedAndroid

#4 The 1993 JCPenney Christmas Catalog Gaming Section

Image source: Slovejoy

#5 My Christmas List, 1999

Image source: TuesdayTwo

#6 Teaching My Sister To Play Mario Bros. Christmas Of ’92

Image source: malinarttt

Michael None (edited): I love this! It’s like a Norman Rockwell picture for the 90’s.

#7 Rescuers Down Under Christmas Tree Ornaments From McDonald’s (1990). Who Else Had Bernard & Miss Bianca On Their 90’s Christmas Trees?

Image source: acousticwonder

#8 Christmas Day, 1997

Image source: HeelTurn

#9 Feeling Captivated By The Computer Animation In The Coca-Cola Polar Bears Commercials

Image source: edimas1000

#10 These Satin Thread Christmas Ball Ornaments

Image source: Sno0pyBo0

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: I hated these! The hair would rip, and you’d end up giving them a bad comb-over.

#11 Christmas Morning, 1992

Image source: daniellrob

Joshua David: 92? By then the super was out for 1 year already. This seems older.

#12 I Can Taste This Picture

Image source: RetroNewsNow

#13 I Found “I Spy Christmas” At The Doctor’s Office Today

Image source: sparrows_silence

#14 Dining With Placemats That Had Drawings Of Poinsettias And Always Sticking To The Classic Colors Of Red, White, And Green

Image source: etsy.com

Suck it Trebek: Oh my gosh quilted placemats. I can feel the nostalgia in my bones!

#15 Found My Ribbon Shredder From The 90s

Image source: Shangrilaista

SweetCheesySpaghetti: OMG!! I loved this thing. I thought i was SO cool when i brought my gifts to school for my friends :)

#16 90s Toys “R” Us Holiday Commercial

Image source: iBleeedorange

#17 Still The Best Christmas Movie

Image source: TheMuppets

steven mayes: Quite possibly the best version ever. Michael Caine was brilliant. Well worth a watch.

#18 The M&M Commercial That’s Been Playing Every Christmas For As Long As I Can Remember

Image source: noconnostalgia

#19 A Home Alone Christmas

Image source: GumboCrab

This film makes me nostalgic for a warm ’90s Christmas: a large decorated cozy house, lots of family, a crackling fireplace, and the most delicious pizza ever captured on film!

#20 1993: I Put My Talkboy Out Every Year For Christmas And It Still Has Original Content That I Made

Image source: I_play_high420

Today was the first time I’ve listened to it since 1993. My Beavis and Butthead impressions could use some work. I also hated my sister back then.

#21 My Husband Still Has His Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Christmas Decorations From 1990, Complete With A Box

Image source: MrsFeatures

#22 These Christmas Candles

Image source: beardynolando

Susan: I wanted these but times were tough so I remember making them out of two wrapping paper tubes and construction paper. I was so proud.

#23 This Mighty Ducks Wrapping Paper From 1993 I Found In A Hand-Me-Down Box Of Christmas Stuff

Image source: kingevanxii

PrettyJoyBird: “Flying V!” & the Bash Brothers!

#24 Kemps Christmas Ice Cream Treats



#25 1993 Campbell’s Soup “Melting Snowman” TV Commercial

Image source:  ewjxn

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: I remember this! It was a very cute commercial.

#26 Those Big Cans Of Flavored Popcorn That Always Showed Up Around Christmas Time

Image source: theheatherchronicles.wordpress.com

#27 Looking Forward To The Toys “R” Us Holiday Catalog

Image source: The Nostalgia Mall

Kat Pekin: Is that a baby Lindsey Lohan in the bottom left corner of the top right image??

#28 Bottom Of My Feet Hurts Just By Looking At These

Image source: venezueladeayer, boomchampionstt

Beansie-never-visited-me-once: Oh my god I forgot about these. The shapes would fall off and we would always step on them barefoot.

#29 Sipping Hot Cocoa From Mugs With Festive Country Christmas Geese

Image source: etsy.com

#30 I Still Have My Christmas “Puffalump Mouse”

Image source: YouAndYourPPareGross

#31 Anticipating A Good Christmas Gift As Your Parents Brought Out The Camcorder On Christmas Morning

Image source: etsy.com

#32 Furby Became The Best Selling Toy In The US For Christmas 1998

Image source: -DNV-

#33 I Officially Own All My Grandparents’ Ceramic Christmas Trees

Image source: King_Baboon

#34 It Was Christmas Morning December 25, 1998. My Brothers And I Had Just Ripped Open Our Presents, And Low And Behold A Brand New N64 And The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time

Image source: ArtOk6196

Jonnathan Poirier: Christmas 97 PlayStation and Tekken 2 and Final Fantasy 7

#35 Wanting Rubber Stamps So That You Could Decorate Your “Christmas Cards” With Them

Image source: etsy.com

#36 Breaking Multiple Light Bulbs Every Time You Assisted In Putting Up The Outdoor Christmas Lights

Image source: etsy.com

#37 Your Grandmother Decorating Her Home For The Holidays Using Christmas Scene Plates From Either Thomas Kinkade Or Franklin Mint

Image source: etsy.com

#38 Who Remembers Crayola Collectible Tins?

Image source: HeartFullOfHappy

This was found at a second-hand store unopened! I had this exact one when I was a kid. Bought it so I can give it to my kids this Christmas. Can’t wait!

#39 LEGO Christmas Catalogue From 1993

Image source: TurbulentLifeguard11

This is LEGO’s golden age of catalogue design. I found it in the garage and uploaded it for anyone wanting a hit of nostalgia. Unfortunately, there are a few 2-5 years stuff and one Technic page missing.

#40 Feeling Like The Red And Green Christmas M&M’s Tasted The Best

Image source: Betamax King

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