50 Epic Christmas Design Fails, That You Won’t Believe Ever Happened

Published 7 years ago

With Christmas fast approaching, each day feels more and more festive. Wherever you go now, everything is Christmas-themed and lavishly decorated, and everything looks perfect. But wait a second, what does that singing angel remind me of? And that chocolate Santa?… Oh dear.

Check out our list below to see the unfortunate designs for yourself and figure out what they remind you of. And if this didn’t give you enough of a warm sense of schadenfreude, check out our other design fails right here.


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#1 Maybe Using “Let It Snow” Wrapping Paper Wasn’t A Good Idea

Image source: WharfBlarg

#2 When My Grandmother Does The Christmas Decorations

Image source: Lemonlaksen

#3 Underpant Christmas Ornaments

Image source: ProgVal

#4 The Mall In My City Is Getting Ready For Christmas With Bears That Stare Into Your Soul

Image source: reddit.com

#5 I Found The Creepiest Christmas Decoration Today

Image source: Poopenheimer

#6 I’m Gonna Put Them On My Christmas Tree Shaped Christmas Tree

Image source: paigepaige77

#7 So Jolly This Year

Image source: dtschoerner

#8 My Grandmas New Candle Holders

Image source: Anitia158

#9 My Grandma Proudly Presented Her Christmas Cookies That Look Like A Candle

Image source: furzigel

#10 I Bought This Cup For My Wife Expecting It To Change From A Black Cup To A Christmas Scene

Image source: Matt

#11 This Christmas Decoration Got Pulled From The Stores Because Of Its Unintentional Perversion

Image source: bleachboy

#12 Christmas Decorations Are A Little Different In Virginia Beach During The Daytime

Image source: Michaelsj723

#13 New Sculpture Erected In Paris. It’s A “Christmas Tree”

Image source: jeffreybaratheon

#14 Drawing Hands On The Mcdonalds Mittens Can Result In An Entirely Different Meaning

Image source: chris_m_h

#15 These Christmas Lights

Image source: tuks6

#16 Yeah, You Don’t Want Those Christmas Lights On Your Tree

Image source: kennyjonesradio

#17 Merry Christmas

Image source: serious_redditor

#18 No Thanks Santa, I Don’t Need Any Syrup On My Pancakes

Image source: Pyehole

#19 Mall Christmas Tree

Image source: maxt0r

#20 I Sat There, Staring, Wonderding Why My Religious Mother In Law Had A Severed Toe Christmas Tree Orament. Upon Closer Inspection…

Image source: JoshuaHubert

#21 Accidentally Sent My Son To School With His Newly Bought Ugly Christmas Sweater. Didn’t Realize What Santa Was Doing Until His Kindergarten Teacher Pointed It Out When I Picked Him Up After School

Image source: angryhamzter

#22 My Aunt Couldn’t Understand Why Everyone Was Laughing At Her Ceramic Santa

Image source: Mhblea

#23 Is This The “White Christmas” They’re All Talking About?

#24 Christmas Tree Fail

Image source: GamingKarma

#25 This Christmas Ornament

#26 Lularoe Strikes Again With The Random Placement Of Santa’s Hand

Image source: BeardAfterDark

#27 This Looks Sooo Wrong

Image source: lenin_rios

#28 My Mom Saw Nothing Weird About This Christmas Decoration. I Beg To Differ

Image source: summit28

#29 Not Sure If Christmas Or Murder Scene….

Image source: sunzenkashu

#30 Santa’s Beard Grows With The Souls Of Children

Image source: pennsler

#31 This 12 Days Of Christmas Seek And Find Book For Children

Image source: mxrxqueen

#32 Why You Don’t Put Christmas Lights On Palm Trees

Image source: misnamed

#33 Thought I Would Share This Lovely Ornament I Found

Image source: thatonegirl99

#34 Rudolph’s Nose Was Not The Only Thing That Turned Red That Year

#35 These Four Ornaments

Image source: SquigglyGiggles

#36 Who Decided To Turn This On?

#37 Bangkok’s New Christmas Decorations

Image source: howardkinsd

#38 This Christmas Candle That My Mum Put Out

Image source: DaQueenOfEngland

#39 Because Sometimes, Christmas Can Be Shitty

Image source: PandaHugandKiss

#40 Reeses, I Need Answers

Image source: Sblumy

#41 Sure… “Reindeer”

Image source: reddit.com

#42 Design Fail

Image source: thedreday

#43 Don’t Open Till Christmas

Image source: pakattack461

#44 Merry…Christmas?

Image source: coolblue420

#45 This Christmas Bag… From The Side

Image source: chrissilich

#46 Christmas Came Early This Year

Image source: kibblesjimmy

#47 Santa Did What?

Image source: imgur.com

#48 Anything’s A Christmas Tree If You’re Brave Enough

Image source: Grebreblis

#49 Oh Oh Oh Merry Christmas Everyone!

Image source: jck0

#50 When All You Want For Christmas Is A Safe Word…

Image source: GeekyGal73


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