30+ Epic Toy Design Fails That Are So Bad, It’s Hard To Believe They Are Being Sold

Published 6 years ago

Toy design is not as easy as you might think and it does take a lot of work to create a decent product. But since this is the Internet, we’re not always here to preach somebodies exquisite design skills, sometimes we want to see a different side of the tracks. So, here’s a list collected by Bored Panda, that shows some not-so-good toy designs, and we are 100% sure it will make you laugh out loud. If you’re into product design yourself, whatever you do, do not repeat these mistakes!

Scroll down to see these hilarious products yourself! (h/t)

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#1 My Dog Destroyed Her Toy Cactus, And There Was Another Sad Cactus Inside

Image source: jpellizzi

#2 Chinese Toy

Image source: mgnthng

#3 This Unfortunately Designed Kid’s Balloon

Image source: ViolentThespian

#4 My Little Sister’s Toy Looks Like It Just Smoked Itself Into A New Era

Image source: TittySprinkles44

#5 When Designer Is Tired Of Drawing

#6 My Four-Legged Duck

Image source: Brillito

#7 Cinderella’s Nose Job Didn’t Go As Planned

Image source: dagrass

#8 Austria. Home Of Kangaroos And Deserts

Image source: moonyprowl

#9 Why ??

Image source: lskoch5

#10 These Figurines

Image source: TauBone

#11 Hmmm

Image source: vilapon

#12 Go Home, Belle, You’re Drunk

#13 This Fantastic Toy

Image source: nnovl

#14 Shhh… It’ll Be Over Soon

Image source: fredrick99

#15 I Am A Sweet Baby. Let’s Have Fun Together

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