Urban Explorer Shares Photos Of An Abandoned House Of A Confederate Colonel (26 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

New York-based filmmaker, photographer, and urban explorer Bryan Sansivero recently visited an abandoned 1853 home in Virginia that used to belong to a Confederate Colonel. Despite the house being abandoned for years, it remained surprisingly intact – even most of the Colonel’s things remain inside, suggesting that he might have left in a rush. The house is filled with vintage furniture and appliances, and there are even old coats still hanging in the attic. “As an urban explorer it’s the kind of house you dream about. A house filled with so much history, every way you hold your camera a new story can be told,” says the photographer.

Take a trip back in time and see Bryan’s photos of this incredibly well preserved home in the gallery below!

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The 1853 Greek revival-style house

Virginia creeper vines overtaking the exterior

The antique decorated parlour is slowly peeling away

Taxidermy stag head in a bedroom

A photograph of 19 members of a WWII combat battalion

A bedroom with Victorian armoire

Antique bureau with mirror and vintage militaria

Marble-topped east-lake washstand and dresser

Tall mirror chair in the foyer

The master bedroom with portrait of the colonel

Elegant Victorian vanity dressing table

Various papers and pamphlets across a writing desk

The grand entrance hall staircase

Old photographs and postcards

An attic of oddities

Mid-century kitchen with appliances

Vintage rotary phone hangs on the kitchen wall

The kitchen’s medicine cabinet

A glimpse into the crumbling dining room

Flowers and glassware scattered atop a dresser in a bedroom

In the attic old books and an antique pump organ

An antique trunk filled with old papers and letters

Vines growing up a bedroom wall

The English style basement

The homes private graveyard

Generations of family members in the graveyard

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