20 Times An Entitled Customer Left A Ridiculous Review For Absurd Reasons

Published 1 year ago

The term, “Choosing Beggars” has become very popular due to a stratum of society that feels they are somehow owed something even when they don’t have the money to pay for it. These kinds of interactions would likely slip by if the entitled person didn’t then go and post about it on social media probably in the hopes of being supported but were probably not expecting what actually happened. Thankfully, folks who were able to see right through the absurdness of their actions decided to call it out online. Scroll below for a fresh collection of the latest escapades posted on an ongoing thread related to the topic. 

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#1 Giving Your Church A One Star Review For Giving You A Free Turkey

Image source: nickfone

#2 Review Of A Nice And Cheap Neighborhood Bike Shop

Image source: videoface

#3 Customer At My Local Pub Couldn’t Pay For A Pint And Gave A Bad Tripadvisor Review, Pub Responded Accordingly

Image source: BreakFlare


#4 This Review For A Hotel

Image source: yububy

#5 It’s Almost As If The Developers Of This Sleep App…also Need Money To Survive? This Review Made Me Want To Go Premium And I Haven’t Even Tried The App Yet

Image source: mlljf

#6 Tripadvisor Review Of A Maui Beach

Image source: reddit.com

#7 Cb Thinks She Deserves Free Use Of A Vacuum At An Automatic Carwash That Requires Paying For Exterior Wash. One Of The Few Bad Reviews Of This Place

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Review Of A Jimmy Johns Near Me

Image source: reddit.com

#9 I’m Giving These Guys My Business, Not Because Of Their Many 5-Star Reviews, But Because Of Their Only 1-Star Review

Image source: GreatSh0gun

#10 A Grocery Store Downtown In My City Has A Number Of 1-Star Google Reviews Because They Don’t Allow People To Park In The Very Tiny Parking Lot To Go Eat And Shop Elsewhere

Image source: starelae

#11 A Review On An Apartment That Caught My Eye

Image source: NibbatoPrime

#12 A Couple Decorates Their House Every Year And Allows People To Visit And Walk Through Their Garden For Free

Image source: cypress707

All in honor of their daughter who passed away. They even have a pretty legit Santa on certain days. Lady gives them poor review.

#13 This Video-Editing App Review

Image source: zwich

#14 Negative Review For A Nail Salon Near My House

Image source: freakyfreshmess

#15 Leaving A Negative Review Even After Being Refunded For A Custom Engagement Ring Following A Breakup

Image source: Chelesto

#16 Apparently This Big-Box Beauty Store Should Do More For This Reviewer

Image source: karlsbadkitty

#17 Barbie App Review: “Give Me All The Stuff Free Or Else I Will Sue”

Image source: HazelnutFreak

#18 This Was Posted As A Review On A High-End Water Bottle’s Website

Image source: DontThrowYouAway

#19 A Restaurant Review I Stumbled On. The Customer Is So Many Kinds Of Wrong

Image source: chassepatate

#20 From A Local Chocolate Shop’s Google Reviews

Image source: Functional_Sus

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