25 Photos Of Felines That Look Like “Accidental Renaissance Cats”

Published 2 weeks ago

Today we celebrate the charm and appeal of cat photos, that perfectly convey the joy of heartwarming moments. The Accidental Renaissance Cats Facebook group is one community which curates unintentionally artistic cat pictures reminiscent of classic artwork. We’ve collected some of their most appealing posts and shared them in the gallery below for your convenience. 


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Image source: Lyra Shiva


Image source: Jennifer Gershon


Image source: Traci VanDivner


Image source: Laura Watton-Davies


Image source: Stacey Wollstein


Image source: nbsoprano


Image source: Miriam Tellechea


Image source: Rhonda Joy Oertli


Image source: Kayla Bucknell


Image source: Michael Drewry


Image source: Michelle Eccles


Image source: Deividas Rainys


Image source: Jennifer D Perez Brishty


Image source: Ivy MacLeod


Image source: Megan Artin


Image source: Megan Pallante


Image source: Ivy MH


Image source: Maria Ruban


Image source: Rick Hernandez


Image source: Tracy Druckrey


Image source: Olga Marta Andrynowska


Image source: Trish Anne


Image source: Stavros Sklavenitis


Image source: Nastazja Lewicka


Image source: Jenna Geris

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