30 Actors And Their Stunt Doubles That Could Almost Pass Off As Twins

Published 3 years ago

Nowadays it’s pretty rare to find an actor who performs their own stunts. And it’s not really surprising – it’s risky, dangerous, and best left to the professionals. Of course, I’m talking about stunt doubles. However, you can’t just pick any stuntman and hope that the audience won’t notice that’s it’s not really your beloved actor that’s jumping out of that moving car or burning building. The doubles have to resemble the actors as much as possible – and sometimes this resemblance is so uncanny, you’d think the two were separated at birth!

Today we have prepared you a collection of actors posing with their stunt doubles, and their resemblance is simply stunning – see the pics in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to read our earlier article here!

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#1 The Rock And His Stunt Double On The Set Of Jumanji: The Next Level

Image source: samoanstuntman

“Me and my uce deuce the rock out of our element, like a couple of Polynesian mirages in the middle of the desert. Last day of shooting for our 2nd Jumanji movie. I’m always grateful for every job and the opportunity to do what I love with the people I love.”

#2 Sophie Turner With Her Stunt Double

Image source: laura_jane_butler

#3 Ellie Kemper With Her Stunts On He Set Of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Image source: elliekemper

#4 Carrie Fisher & Her Stunt Double Tracey Eddon Sunbathing While Filming Star Wars: Return Of The

#5 Tom Hardy With His Stunt Double On The Set Of Mad Max: Fury Road

Image source: jaketomuri

#6 My Bloodrider Kim Fardy. I Wish I Could Show The World What U Have Done For Me And This Movie

Image source: prideofgypsies

#7 Lynda Carter With Her Wonder Woman Acting Double Jeannie Epper

#8 Karen Gillian And Her Stunt Doubles On The Set Of Jumanji

Image source: karengillan

#9 Clark Gregg And His Stunt Double Dane Farwell

Image source: clarkgregg


#10 Reese Witherspoon And Her Stunt Double Marilee Lessley

Image source: reesewitherspoon

#11 Melissa McBride And Her Stunt Double On The Set Of Walking Dead

Image source: mcbridemelissa

#12 Why Have One Thor When You Can Have Two? Chris Hemsworth’s Equally Hot Stunt Double Shows Us How He Gets The Abs Of A God

Image source: bobbydazzler84

#13 Elijah Woods With His Scale Double Kiran Shah On The Set Of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

#14 Scarlett Johansson And Her Stunt Double Heidi Moneymaker On Their Last Day On Set After Working Together Since Iron Man 2

Image source: heidimoneymaker

#15 She’s Been With Me Since The First Wonder Woman And I Know We Have A Long Future Together

Image source: gal_gadot

She’s a mother, an athlete, and her movements are unlike anything I’ve seen before in a stunt performer. Thank you Stani for bringing your all, everyday and with such grace and kindness.

#16 Ken Stott And His Stunt Double Peter Dillon On The Set Of The Hobit

#17 Throwing It Back To This Awesome Woman Who Convinced Me That Having A Child Was Not Only Completely Possible While Having A Career In The Entertainment Industry

Image source: missmeganle

But even better, it wasn’t her words so much as it was her own knowing of this, her grounded, strong, authentic female energy that spoke to my same energy that was buried inside waiting to be freed. Thank you one million times over sister!

#18 So Much Credit To Casey, My Amazing Stunt Double On GOT. She Is Awesome

Image source: fayemarsay86


#19 Mena Massoud With His Stunt Double On The Set Of Aladdin

Image source: hasitsavani

#20 Emma Watson With Her Stunt Doubles On The Set Of Harry Potter

#21 Zoe Saldana With Her Stunt Doubles On The Set Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

Image source: jamesgunn

“We tested out Gamora masks for our stunt people to use. But, in addition to being horrifyingly scary, they seemed unwieldy. So we ditched them and went with straight up Green face paint on our stunties – or face replacement when necessary.”

#22 Game Of Thrones Epic Fight

Image source: slaughterstunts


#23 Johnny Depp With His Stunt Double Tony Angelotti On The Set Of Pirates Of The Caribbean

#24 Working With One Of My Favorites. Longtime Friend Joe Manganiello Always Makes Time On Set Fun And Professional! Thanks For Your Loyalty Bud

Image source: kellerstunts

#25 Sophia Di Martino And Gugu Mbatha-Raw With Their Stunt Doubles

Image source: itssophiadimartino

#26 Doing Stunts For Mrs. Angela Bassett

Image source: damita_jane

#27 Sir Ian McKellen, Along With His Stunt And Riding Doubles


#28 Talk About Double, Trouble. 2 Harley Quinn’s. Could Be A Worse Situation To Be In

Image source: rjnorton70

#29 Tom Hardy With His Stunt Double In The Survivor

Image source: jaketomuri

#30 Awkwafina With Her Stunt Double On The Set Of Jumanji: The Next Level

Image source:  awkwafina

“The real hero. My incredible and crazy talented stunt double @bgirlmislee. Thank u for making me look way cooler than I am, being a total inspiration, and making sure my crotch harness was adequately fit. Love you so much!”

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