20 Actors That Had The Most Depressing Fall From Grace

Published 10 months ago

These days celebrities are subject to cancel culture but even back in the day, there were celebs that lost favour with the public and lost their influential position. 

Redditor, Conjobbed brought up the topic on the platform jogging our collective memories of famous actors and actresses who “had the most depressing fall from grace”.

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#1 I don’t think people growing up today realize how much of a father-figure Bill Cosby was to a huge number of us. He was nothing but wholesome in his presentation of himself. For him to commit such ugly and awful things feels like a personal betrayal to all of us who grew up regarding him so highly. What an a*****e.

Image source: edgarpickle, Matt Rourke

#2 Amanda Bynes’s story breaks my heart. I loved All That, The Amanda Show, and What I Like About You growing up. She had such a natural sense of humor. It’s sad seeing her struggle with her sobriety and mental health.

Image source: Kirstie66, LegendsNeverDie

#3 Kevin Spacey. He was considered the elite actor of his generation for years, then his bad behavior (and subsequent meltdown) made him a pariah.

Image source: LaximumEffort, FICOD. Foro Internacional

#4 Chris Farley. The stereotypical shy, innocent, modest, and well-mannered Midwestern boy from a loving home by all counts. Fame ripped him apart. The worst part is the escort he was with the night of his death took photos of his body, not knowing he was dead, because she thought it was hilarious that he couldn’t smoke as much crack and snort as much heroin as she could. It’s disgusting, and when you hear Dave Chappelle talk about how Hollywood corrupts and ruins good people…. it makes a lot of sense.

Image source: Lothar_Ecklord, RIPJ4WZ

#5 Jake Lloyd. No one deserves that, much less a kid.

Image source: Macaroniindisguise, act1989

#6 Jussie Smollet – He was a rising star. I mean even people who didn’t watch Empire kind of had an idea who he was (I have not watched Empire but their promos always featured him in flashy clothes and singing his heart out and I keep thinking man, this guy is a treat). Then he faked a hate crime and it was his downfall. It apparently cost him the show, endorsements backed out, etc. I’m still confused why he did it.

Jimmy Saville – Beloved by kids and grans all over the greater UK. He genuinely seemed like a great guy that takes care of sick people (like a caring uncle or something like that). And then he turned out to be a total monster who preyed on the sick children and teens who were in the hospitals he worked in. What’s even more horrible is that this was kept from the public til he died.

Image source: unintellectual8, Dominick D

#7 Shia LaBeouf.

Image source: Regnaruk123, Tabercil

#8 Stephen Collins. Pretty spectacular downfall. I feel bad for his victims first and his castmates second. That show was the high point for almost all of their careers, and a child molester tarnished it.

Image source: NotOneBlarggedThing, Louise Palanker

#9 Mel Gibson spouting anti-semitic bile when he was arrested for a DUI

Image source: NotOneBlarggedThing, Alan Light

#10 Amy Winehouse :(

Image source: dumdadumdumAHHH, IVO GARCEV

#11 It was before my time, but after watching a few documentaries, I can’t believe the utter tragedy that was Elvis Presley’s life.

Image source: MysteryIsHistory, Rossano aka Bud Care

#12 Michael Richards. Kramer from Seinfeld. It was just unfortunate.

Image source: mrxexon, Alan Light

#13 O.J. Simpson. He wasn’t primarily an actor certainly, but he did act (most notably in the Naked Gun movies and Roots). It’s genuinely hard to explain to people who weren’t alive at the height of his fame what a huge deal O.J. Simpson was, and how beloved he was, and how absolutely shocking it was when Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered and then he went on the lam in the Bronco. It was wild to live through it. The older I get, the more I realize just how young Nicole and Ron were, and how much life they had left to live.

Image source: Perfect_Razzmatazz, Peter K. Levy

#14 Alison Mack. From teen star to weird abusive sex cult.

Image source: miffy495, deleted

#15 Ezra Miller.

Image source: Geezell, Gage Skidmore

#16 I’m going to date myself, but Winona Ryder had a really rough period. Glad she came out of it though.

Image source: erikagm77, PM – Il Piccolo Missionario

#17 Ellen DeGeneres. The infamous Queen of Nice. And a really great observational relatable comedian turning out to be not so nice, but rather cruel, manipulative, and just downright mean. Such a huge disappointment…

Image source: IvoryMelodies, ronpaulrevolt2008

#18 Lindsay Lohan. She seems to be doing better now but her career could have been way better.

Image source: PromotionOld8130, Guise Archives

#19 A lot of child stars. But when you look into it, you’ll see why. Just read Jennette McCurdy’s book.

Image source: Ninja_Penguin5, jennettemccurdy

#20 Avicii had a classic Icarus story. He got too big, too fast. He basically worked himself to death because he was so scared of disappointing people, didn’t know how to turn down gigs or drugs, and probably knew the end was coming. He was 28 when he died

Image source: IAlbatross, Shawn Tron




Anne Heche. Mental health crashing. Ran into a house in her car, left there, ran into another house, burned it down, died because the fire was so fierce, they couldn’t get her out.

Image source: Relative_Mulberry_71, _MagnoliaFan


Brendan Fraser (better now)

Image source: General-Key8658, Montclair Film

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