Photographer Proves Rats Are The Most Adorable Creatures By Spending Years Capturing Them

Published 6 years ago

Diane Özdamar is a photographer who is trying to break the negative stereotype associated with rats by taking cute pictures of them. We’re sure that after seeing the photographer’s pictures, you’ll want to get a little pet rat yourself!

Diane says the rats are actually highly intelligent and love interacting with each other and their favorite humans: “They are far from being dirty nasty little monsters!” She describes them as very friendly, smart, and playful and even says that many rat owners compare them to tiny dogs.

The photographer made all the little accessories herself and made sure the rats can remove them easily. “No animals were harmed during the making of these pictures, the ladybug was also alive and well and flew away soon after the photo shooting,” said Diane.

She also encourages people to adopt rats as pets from local pet shelters, but before you do, Diane warns of one thing: “You must also adopt at least two rats of the same sex, rats absolutely need to have a friend from their own species.”

Check out the photographer’s pictures of these cute furry creatures in the gallery below!

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#1 Herjan And His Fancy Hat (Herjan)

#2 The Sweetest Pillow (Herjan)

#3 Brothers Enjoying A Snack (Izumi, Lysander And Kaelan)

#4 There’s No Rabbit In The Hat… (Heimdall)

#5 Yaaaaawn (Arkanys)

#6 Polka Dots (Kjalarr)

#7 What’s This? (Thjazi)

#8 Bloody Strawberry (Lysander)

#9 Two Brothers (Semtex And Toutatis)

#10 Spring Time (Tjall)

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