Heartwarming Friendship Between A Japanese Farmer And His Pigs

Published 10 years ago

Otchan is a Japanese farmer who loves his 1,200 pigs – every single one of them. He plays with them, cuddles with them, and sings and reads to them on a daily basis. And photographer Toshiteru Yamaji has captured this beautiful and charming friendship between a farmer and his pigs on film. Yamaji, an amateur photographer at the time, released a self-published book called “Pigs and Papa” in 2009, which is available on Amazon.

The images might provoke controversial reactions, as this is still a farm and the friendship between the farmer and the piggies, as adorable as it is, still has one final destination. However, the respect and love that Otachan shows these animals contrasts severely with the conditions on massive animal farms, so it is exemplary and admirable.

Source: foiltokyo.com | Amazon (via: mymodernmet)

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