Heart-Melting Photos Of Rats Holding Teddy Bears

Published 10 years ago

These cute photos of rats holding teddy bears have been traveling around the Internet since 2008, but nobody seemed to know where they came from. Turns out they were taken by Jessica Florence and Ellen van Deelen – two unrelated women who both happen to have pet rats. These women simultaneously started creating adorable pictures of their rats with plush animals. Although these works are not new, they went viral on imgur a few day ago.

Take a look at Bug, Duck and Worm (Florence’s little friends) and Moppy, Witje and Rosie (van Deelen’s friends) in these adorable plush animal portraits.

Source:  jessflorence.com | Flickr | Redbubble (via: boredpanda)

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Jessica Florence

Ellen van Deelen

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