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10 AI-Generated Pics Showing How These Celebrities Would Have Looked Like If They Were Alive

Published 9 months ago

Alper Yesiltas, a lawyer and photographer living in Turkey has created some fascinating celebrity photos with the help of AI. The photographer revealed on Bored Panda, “I’ve been imagining scenes and capturing memories for about 19 years now. During that time, some of my photos have been edited worldwide in books, magazines, exhibitions, and websites and were awarded in several photo contests.”

His AI-based project called “As if nothing happened” deals with the question of “how would people look photo-realistically if some great events had not happened to them”. Check out some images of his first collection in the gallery below.

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#1 John Lennon

I wish he hadn’t been in New York that day.

#2 Elvis Presley

I wish he decided to live a life where he paid more attention to the health of his heart.

#3 Heath Ledger

I wish he hadn’t been affected by the exhaustion of his role.

#4 Janis Joplin

I wish she hadn’t sought the inspiration she needed elsewhere.

#5 Bruce Lee

I wish he hadn’t taken that painkiller that day.

#6 2pac

I wish he hadn’t been involved in that event that would cause him to face the mafia.

#7 Freddie Mercury

I wish he hadn’t got that disease.

#8 Michael Jackson

I wish he hadn’t faced vitiligo.

#9 Kurt Cobain

I wish he had decided to stay.

#10 Jimi Hendrix

I wish he hadn’t sought the inspiration he needed elsewhere.

Saumya Ratan

Saumya loves to explore beautiful, crazy, and wholesome stuff on the internet. She seeks to find something interesting in everything and strives to share her inspirations and explorations with people all over the world.

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