30 Of The Most Amazing Projects Shared In This Sewing Community

Published 3 years ago

Anyone can go to the store and simply buy some new clothes right off the rack – but why spend money on a new t-shirt or dress when you can make one yourself? At least that’s what the crafty members of the r/Sewing online community believe.

The members of this online community are sharing the incredible sewing, embroidery, and patchwork projects that they completed, and they might inspire you to try your own hand at these hobbies. Check out some of the most impressive projects shared in this online group in the gallery below, and if you want more, read our earlier article about the knitting community here!

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#1 Been Sewing Shirts And Matching Ties For My 5 Cats. It’s Been Fun. Hope You Like Them

Image source: vjloco

#2 I Did It, I Made A Coat! (McCalls 6800, View D With B’s Hem)

Image source: happy-chickadee

#3 I Just Finished My Son’s Halloween Costume

Image source: MostFlavorfulBond

#4 I Made My Wedding Dress (No Pattern)

Image source: penniee95

#5 Self Drafted. No Pattern. Outfit I Made From Scratch From Kente Fabric

Image source: theeramonkota

#6 Finished My Rainbow Quilt! And A Body Pillow Case To Match. Happy Pride Month!

Image source: eros0327

#7 In 2020 I’m Planning To Memorialize My Father By Sewing A Book Of His Life. This Is Page One

Image source: SherlockToad1

#8 I Sewed A Wedding Dress Out Of Sweatpants

Image source: jennaphipps4

#9 Duchess Coat By Ellie And Mac Patterns For My Spiderman-Obsessed 2y.o. Niece. I Can’t Wait To See It On Her!

Image source: AuDBallBag

#10 Made A Non Conventional Wedding Dress! V9296

Image source: Shanglorice

#11 I Made A Maple Leaf Fairy Costume For Renn Faire (B4571)

Image source: sewing_magic

#12 This Is A Prom Dress My Aunt From Nigeria Made For Me Back In 2019. We Designed It Based On Two Different Dresses. The Pattern Of The Fabric Is My Favorite Part! (No Pattern)

Image source: haveaSmiletoday

#13 I Recreated An Early 1900s Illustration Butterfly Dress!

Image source: Nerrnerr

#14 (Self Drafted) My Old Lounge Dress Wasn’t Getting Much Wear, So I Reworked It Into A Sundress

Image source: dark_pine

#15 Bought My First Sewing Machine 2 Weeks Ago Without Knowing A Single Thing About Sewing. So I Spent Hours On Youtube Watching How To Videos. I Made This Myself Yesterday

Image source: luminoussaid

#16 Wish I Was Brave Enough To Wear This Out. Took Me Forever To Make

Image source: curcutie

#17 Designed, Sewed, And Modeled This Dior Inspired Trench Coat

Image source: twink_trash

#18 Made An Entire 1850’s Outfit. Lots Of Work, But Totally Worth It!

Image source: WhitGoose

#19 Completed My Belle Gown (Beauty & The Beast) Self Drafted

Image source: MacrameOwl

#20 I Made Billy Porter’s Oscars Tuxedo Gown (Self Drafted)

Image source: love_wear

#21 I Made A Velvet Dress With Leds To Look Like The Night Sky (Self Drafted)

Image source: sewing_magic

#22 (Fo) I Alter Weddings Dresses For A Living, But Suit Alterations Are My True Passion. Here’s My Last Suit I Did For Myself

Image source: billbobful

#23 Coat Made With Broken Umbrellas

Image source: hero_to_0

#24 I Made The Dressing Gown That Bilbo Wears In The First Hobbit Movie (M7875)

Image source: sewing_magic

#25 (Self-Drafted) Sewist On Low Budget Recreating Expensive Dresses. I Was Inspired By This Teuta Matoshi Dress

Image source: Paurovas

#26 First Finished Dress vs. First Dress I Can Actually Wear In Public

Image source: cammickin

#7 (McCall’s Archive Collection Circa 1956 M7478) Took Forever To Finish This Coat, But I’m Really Pleased With How It Turned Out – Especially The Twirl Factor!

Image source: moseyb

#28 Engagement Photo Dress I Designed And Constructed

Image source: RavennaBlack

#29 My DIY Thrift-Flipped Wedding Dress

Image source: sarcastic_ginger

#30 Prom Might Not Have Happened This Year But At Least I Can Still Twirl Around In The Ball Gown I Made!! Self-Drafted

Image source: aliyaahjs

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