30 People Who Took Knitting To Another Level

Published 3 years ago

There’s hardly any other hobby out there that’s more relaxing than knitting. Just think about it: you come home after a long day at work, pick up a pair of knitting needles, plop down in your favorite armchair, and simply forget about everything that’s bothering you. But relaxing isn’t the only reason why some people love knitting. If you get good and have enough time to spare, you can actually make some pretty cool things – and I don’t just mean socks and mittens.

The talented members of Reddit’s Knitting community are sharing the most impressive projects that they’ve finished, and I think it’s safe to say that they really took knitting to another level. From adorable cozy sweaters to lace fences, check out a collection of stunning knitting projects shared in this online group below!

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#1 Thought You’d All Enjoy This!

Image source: romanticdegenerate

#2 I Made A Lacy Shawl For My Mom, But I Had To Try It On For Myself First

Image source: Beegrene

#3 I Finished A 1940s Sweater A While Back And Wanted To Share!

Image source: thebuttisgreat

#4 I’m A Guy Who Normally Knits Socks And Scarfs And Hats For My Family. I Finally Knit A Sweater For Myself

Image source: SaltedAndSmoked

#5 For The First Time I’ve Been Forced To Admit I Might Actually Know What I’m Doing!

Image source: oakapea

#6 A Wedding Dress For My Sister I Knitted Last Year

Image source: Knitfinity

#7 My First Finished Object: A Happy Colours Bubble Stitch Blanket

Image source: Teaqa

#8 I Made These Socks That Turn Feet Into Paws. Also, How Does Anyone Even Do Sock Photography

Image source: Anaiira

#9 My Brother Challenged Me To Make More Animal Socks!! Had A Lot Of Fun Making These Guys

Image source: Tasty-Superior-Olive

#10 My Dog And I Now Have Matching Sweaters

Image source: lunelune13

#11 I’ve Been Knitting For Years But Only Recently Learnt How To Knit In The Round. This Is One Of My First Projects And I Love Him!

Image source: OBaxter93

#12 World’s Largest Roly-Poly Bug

Image source: iocanepowdereddonuts

#13 The World Is A Nightmare. Self Care Is Important. So With That And Lenny Kravitz In Mind, I Took To Youtube, Taught Myself To Knit, And Present To You All My 2nd Ever Project!

Image source: najaha05

#14 I Finally Finished The Massive Star Wars Double Knit Scarf

Image source: come-along-pond-

#15 Wish I Had A Better Camera And/Or More Light To Show Off This Dress! Vintage Pattern From 1958 (Slightly Modified)

Image source: jepsuli

#16 After The Dark Year We Had, I Wanted Some Light Going Into 2021

Image source: Runnor2

#17 Never Doing Two Color Brioche Again But At Least She’s Done

Image source: Twinbees

#18 Knitted This Sweater For My Daughter

Image source: BrusingFawn996

#19 5 Years And 1200 Hexipuffs Later, My King Size Beekeeper’s Quilt Is Finally Finished!

Image source: CuntCorner

#20 Adorable Bears Wearing Hats. What Else Do You Need To Know?!

Image source: Kuttokk

#21 With A Face This Cute, How Could I Not Put Him On A Sweater!

Image source: alcohollie

#22 Silver Tree Rings Blanket – A Wedding Gift For My Brother And His Husband

Image source: juicytwinzilla

#23 After 16 Months I Finally Finished This Blanket

Image source: klausolas

#24 Knitted Monopoly Board Blanket

Image source: OvenAdministrative14

#25 I Made This Amazing/Ridiculous Zebra Sweater From A Pattern From 1987!

Image source: Pehosbes

#26 All The Mushrooms I Knit In The Past Year In One Picture

Image source: noerml

#27 I Made A Little Whale Today

Image source: craftydarling

#28 Broadleaf Sweater In The Stunning Maple Trees Of Vancouver, Bc

Image source: SassySSS

#29 It’s Lesbian Visibility Day, So There’s No Better Day Than Today To Share The Rainbow Shawls I Knit For Our Big Lesbian Wedding!

Image source: mywiiiiife

#30 Which One Of You Did This?

Image source: speedycat2014

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