20 “Accidental Renaissance” Photographs, As Shared In This Popular Online Community

Published 1 year ago

While we often associate Renaissance art with the works of great masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, an online community has emerged that brings a modern twist to this classical style.

The subreddit r/AccidentalRenaissance has gained immense popularity in recent years for its unique ability to find and share photographs that inadvertently resemble Renaissance paintings. From street scenes and architectural details to candid portraits and natural landscapes, check out some of their best posts in the gallery below. And if you want to see more such pics, hop on to our previous articles here and here.

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#1 A Lion & Warthog In South Africa. By Alex Choi

Image source: discomuffin

#2 Hungary

Image source: CartanAnnullator

#3 Messed Up The Exposure And Caught This

Image source: TheBlueCat_

#4 Arnold In The 1970s

Image source: sayittomeplease

#5 Girl In Verona (May 16, 1918)

Image source: idapitbwidiuatabip

#6 My Wife On Our Wedding Day

Image source: csPOthr33cs

#7 The Pallas Cats

Image source: tyrannoAdjudica

#8 Just Found This Sub! Hope My Photo Here Suits It!

Image source: Oozy46

#9 Orthodox Jews Having Celebrated Purim

Image source: VisceralAdiposity

#10 Ice Skating At Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Image source: I_Eat_Pork

#11 The Nuns And The Hippies

Image source: liamfellows06

#12 Überlingen At Lake Constance, Shortly After Sunset

Image source: nighteeeeey

#13 Swiss Psychologist Jean Piaget

Image source: CredibleCactus

#14 Mountain Landscape

Image source: um-uh-er

#15 “Tokyo Compression” By Michael Wolf

Image source: Gisbitus

#16 Capybara Basks In Sun’s Rays

Image source: isthatabingo

#17 The Tattoo

Image source: RavioliStiegl

#18 Chinese Garden

Image source: veturoldurnar

#19 People Run To Shelter From A Hail-Storm!

Image source: -Effective_Mountain-

#20 Polar Bears Moving Into An Arctic Weather Station

Image source: fajadraws

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