30 Times People Took Their DIY Skills To Another Level, As Shared In The Online Group ‘Something I Made’

Published 11 months ago

Creativity knows no bounds, and in the digital age, people have found a virtual canvas to showcase their talents and ingenuity. Online groups have become hubs of inspiration and admiration, where individuals from all walks of life can share their remarkable creations with the world.

From DIY crafts to innovative hacks, the subreddit “Something I Made” shares amazing projects demonstrating how people’s cool creations left us in awe and inspired to try something new ourselves.

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#1 I Made A Spider Brooch

Image source: SashaShelest

#2 Embroidery + Watercolor

Image source: rebordacao

#3 I Was So Proud Of This Planter, Then Someone Said It Looked Like Bacon

Image source: Neneandplants

#4 I Am A Pet Portrait Artist

Image source: Polar_Bear_Online

#5 Tangerines Handmade From Polymer Clay

Image source: fairyclay_88

#6 What Do You Think About Combined Handmade Techniques? For Example, I Crochet This Iguana In 3 Colors Of Threads, Than Painted And Made Clay Details

Image source: ProfessionNo4436

#7 Pretty Stoked On This Mandala Tie Dye I Made!

Image source: 49th_vibration_dyes

#8 I Made A Top For My Sister In Law For Christmas And I Hope She Loves It. What Do Y’all Think?

Image source: itsdestinfool

#9 I Made Elaine’s Dancing From Seinfeld As A Wood Wall Piece. I Hope You Like It

Image source: markhizio

#10 I Knitted Sunset

Image source: soulartes

#11 A Custom Needle Felted Dog I Made!

Image source: TwoFeltedFox

#12 Whale Shark Flask (And Cups)! One Of My Favorite Creations Even After A Year

Image source: SnowyBrookStudios

#13 I Made An Iridescent Stained Glass Floral Moon Panel

Image source: samanamana

#14 One Item Took A Few Hours, Another Took Several Weeks And The Last Took Several Months

Image source: Sylvadragon

#15 Super Proud Of My Polymer Clay Snake Rings!

Image source: Fimica

#16 These Are The Dragons I Crochet. What Color Should I Use To Make New Dragons?

Image source: TinyMiniToys

#17 Blueberry Cheesecake!!!!

Image source: skylerraleigh

#18 Small Ballpen Drawings By Me

Image source: UnusualSandwich7802

#19 What Do You Think Of These Mushroom Lamps I’ve Been Making Recently?

Image source: burkeymonster

#20 I Sketched My Fiancé Cooking

Image source: thatsprettylitbro

#21 I Made These Tiny Baby Turtles Hatching In A Bottle

Image source: VeeCrafts

#22 I Made This Forest Spirit

Image source: Nadya36

#23 A Whale Mosaic I Made With Shells & Sea Glass My Kids Collected For Me

Image source: thatfiveohsixlife

#24 I Made This 16”x20” Acrylic Painting Recently. I Spent An Inordinate Amount Of Time On It But I’m Happy With The Outcome

Image source: Double_O_Steven

#25 Pizza Slice I Made For My Brother For Xmas. Just Needs A Hanger And Some Polish!

Image source: welcome2spooksville

#26 I Designed A Rattlesnake Pen Holder

Image source: COPPERTISTWU

#27 Hi! I Made A Leather Corset Belt With Labradorite Inlay!

Image source: hakunamamerel

#28 My Stained Glass Earrings. This Is Real Small Stained Glass

Image source: InnaCrystalEar

#29 Lately I Have Been Working On A New Set Of Pots. All Ready To Dry

Image source: Rushsculpture

#30 Some Smiley (And One Worried) Wood Carvings I Finished Recently

Image source: clintseed

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