30 Times People Took Their DIY Skills To Another Level, As Shared In The Online Group ‘Something I Made’

Published 1 year ago

The art of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and various creative hobbies empower individuals to unleash their talents and showcase their skills. Some online communities like “Something I Made” have become a hub for artists and DIY enthusiasts to share their incredible creations with the world.

Let’s delve into the remarkable talents of people who have taken their skills to new heights. Check out some of the coolest and most creative projects in the gallery below.

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#1 I Designed A Hummingbird Earring Of Only 1.36 Cm And Tried To Carve Out Its Feathers

Image source: COPPERTISTWU

#2 I Painted A Cup Of Coffee In Watercolor

Image source: juliaockert

#3 Something I Made With Pencils On Paper

Image source: fabiodesenhando2

#4 I’m So Happy With How This Custom Needle Felted Dog Turned Out! What Do You Think?!

Image source: TwoFeltedFox

#5 I Made This Ceramic Mallard Duck!

Image source: happyclaypot

#6 «northern Sky In Early Spring» Sweater I Knitted

Image source: soulartes

#7 Needle Felted Donkey Sculpture

Image source: Uniquewoolgifts

#8 Started Painting After I Lost My Job And It’s Actually Going So Well I’ve Been Making Rent

Image source: iartnewyork

#9 I Made A Dragon Out Of Discarded Bottle Caps

Image source: Tyromonium

#10 Needle Felted Fox Sculpture Made By Me

Image source: Uniquewoolgifts

#11 I Made Elaine’s Dancing From Seinfeld As A Wood Wall Piece. I Hope You Like It

Image source: markhizio

#12 I Made A Mouth Chair Out Of An Old Folding Lawn Chair

Image source: sealcouch

#13 I Handburned This Armadillo On Basswood

Image source: dirk_the_pyrographer

#14 I Made This Gown And My Friend Photographed Her Beautiful Grandma Wearing It

Image source: MOASSincoming

#15 Rainy Road, My Oil Painting On A Canvas Panel 12″X16″

Image source: kznsq

#16 Some Smiley (And One Worried) Wood Carvings I Finished Recently

Image source: clintseed

#17 I Made This Medieval Fantasy Outfit For My BF: Shirt, Doublet, Sash And Pants

Image source: fel0ra

#18 The Rainbow Shawl I Made With A 1 Skein Of Yarn. Size 75×39 Inches After Blocking

Image source: AlyonaBerezka

#19 My Charcoal Drawings From Last Year (Swipe For Full Pics, See Body Text For Full Info)

Image source: alexflemingart

#20 My First Serious Attempt At Wood Carving! Made This Feather Spoon Out Of Limewood :)

Image source: TheWitchcrafter

#21 Run Away With Me. Wet Charcoal And Pastel Art By Me

Image source: nobrakes1975

#22 Can’t Draw Images Worth A Darn, But Patterns All Day

Image source: FriggnNarsty

#23 Jacket I Made From A Sleeping Bag!

Image source: ropedropdesign

#24 Got Inspired By Pinterest And Gave My Ordinary Denim Shorts Some Summer Vibes ☀️

Image source: wikkiwonka

#25 One Item Took A Few Hours, Another Took Several Weeks And The Last Took Several Months

Image source: Sylvadragon

#26 I Made Some Cats In Flying Saucers

Image source: yoyo138

#27 Leather Messenger Bag I Made Recently

Image source: Mrhydez

#28 Oil Paintings I Made On Thrifted Fabric Sheets

Image source: sydedunn

#29 Jewelry With Pomegranate Seeds Made By Me From Polymer Clay And Epoxy Resin :)

Image source: fairyclay_88

#30 River Anapo Here In Sicily, Me, Oils, 2017

Image source: StevenBeercockArt

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