This Artist Combines Photos From Different Parts Of The World To Show The Contrast Between Them

Published 5 years ago

Uğur Gallenkuş is a Turkish graphic designer who aims to draw attention to various injustices happening all over the world. He creates dramatic collages by combining photographs from different parts of the world to show the extreme contrast between them and his art is truly eye-opening.

The artist says that an image can be more effective than a thousand words. “The solution to a crisis can be described by many complicated words, but you don’t need to know a language to read and understand a work of art. Art is the master of all languages,” says Uğur. “I wish that the whole world would live by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s phrase “Peace at Home, Peace in the World”, which was implemented as the foreign policy of Turkey.”

See Uğur’s latest works in the gallery below and if you want more, check out the ones we featured before here.

More info: Instagram | h/t: Bored Panda

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#1 Liberia

#2 Yemen

#3 Global Warming

#4 Refugees

#5 Iraq, Abu Ghraib Prison

#6 Gaza Strip

#7 Afghanistan

#8 Palestine

#9 Liberia

#10 Iran – Iraq War

#11 Gaza Strip

#12 Liberia

#13 Syria

#14 Yemen

#15 Syria

#16 Migrants In Mexico

#17 War

#18 Syria

#19 Syria

#20 Libya

#21 Iraq, Fallujah

#22 Libya

#23 Nicaragua

#24 War

#25 Myanmar

#26 Africa

#27 Refugees

#28 Wwii, Pacific Front

#29 Somalia

#30 Vietnam War

#31 Mine

#32 Afghanistan

#33 Refugees

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