Analytic comparison between Single beds and the double beds

Published 8 years ago

If you have planned to furnish your bedroom, then why not go for a small single bed? This is because choosing small sized bed out of the range of bed sizes that can even be as large as a super king sized beds, can be a convenient option for kids or alone sleeping people or the ones who lack the floor space. Some people have a misconception that holds them from buying the single beds, which is, that a single bed will offer only the redistricted space because of which they might fall off their beds if they have a habit of tossing and turning all the night. But there is another option which is not going to over-small single beds, instead, try to get the twin trundle bed or large single beds that can be a comfortable bed as well as a good space saver.

Another solid reason for buying a single bed is that these beds are very frugal on the pockets and are extremely economical. There are very fewer chances of having to face any complexity while buying them because of a small bunch of happiness and comfort that they are. Buying a double bed for a single person only doubles up the cost and space occupancy, whereas the single beds can sufficiently provide space to sleep and save floor space as well.

If you have a dormitory or a studio apartment or even a guest room, then you can not ask for a better option than these single beds. Also, if you are thinking of making a separate room for your kid, then you do not have to buy him a double bed which can be too big for him. In fact, a single bed would be the bet suited option in that case that will, along with saving space, make space for other activities for him to do like dancing or video games or even more things.

Putting an end to this confusion of whether going to a single bed or opting a double bed, let us compare both the options by various considerable factors:

1. Comfort:

While sleeping on the single bed, there is no escape but to sleep confined to that periphery. But in the case of using the double beds, you can be free to take a full 180 degrees turn around the bed, without having a fear of falling off the bed. Suppose, using the single bed causes the spring in the center to get misplaced; then you will have no other place to sleep other than the ground. Urgent repair is needed then. But in the case of double beds, if the center spring comes off, you still have the either sides of the beds waiting for you to sleep with surplus comfort.

2. Space:

Sometimes, while we get up from the bed, we love to take a good stretch so that all the freshness is boosted. But doing this on the single bed might leave you hurt,

because of its confined space. The double beds, though, allow you to stretch at your very best. But, if you develop a habit of sleeping like a starfish, with all the spread-out legs and hands, then it will be a difficult task for you to adjust with your partner on that same bed post marriage. So, a single bed will help you learn the habit of being within your allotted boundary so that you do not accidentally hurt the person sitting next to you.

3. Warmth:

When you sleep in a small confined space, you can warm up yourself easily, but sleeping on the widely spread double bed will give you chills and will make it very difficult for you to be able to warm yourself up! If you have someone sleeping right next to you on your double bed so that you can warm yourself easily, then logically, it is somewhat as two single beds combined closed to each other.

4. Price:

It is apparently expensive to maintain and clean a gigantic wooden double beds. Also, a double bed is like buying two single beds. Therefore the price of a double bed is just the double of the price of the single bed. When it comes to buying the double sized duvets and covers and blankets, of course, single beds help you save. A small body will require less time when it comes to cleaning, so a winning point to the single beds again.

5. Use as a sofa:

Off course, you can not even move a double bed single-handedly, because of its huge bulky body, but a single bed can even be used as a divan or a sofa or even a sofa bed. So, the multi-functionality and the versatility title goes to, again, single beds.

As much as you plan and think before finalizing the purchase of your single beds, the same is the amount of effect that all that hard work has on the quality and longevity of your furniture product. So, take enough time so that you make the quintessential purchase.

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