40 Photos Of Happy Pets Adopted This February

Published 2 months ago

There’s no denying that animals have a way of wriggling their way into our hearts. Their loving eyes and adoring faces can melt us with just one look. Even their occasional naughty antics can give us joy if we approach it with a sense of humour. 

Which is why it’s an amazing thing to adopt rather than shop. Freeing an animal from the confines of a cage to give it a loving and accepting home is a kind and meritorious act. Indeed, when you see the happy pics of the animals who were adopted, it warms the heart and soul. If you love a good wholesome selection of photos of the sweetest animals being adopted, scroll below for a look.

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#1 I Adopted My Grandmother’s Cat When She Passed Away And We Are Both Adjusting To Life Without Her Together

Image source: Old-Improvement8871

Elizabeth Bock: That is the most beautiful cat!

#2 Adopted This Little Dude Today, His Name Is Cyborg

Image source: Remarkable-Mango-159

Lucifer: An apt name.

#3 Adopted Rocco And She Said “Let’s Keep Him Forever And Ever And Ever”

Image source: monicapearl

#4 Adopted A Cat 2 Days Ago, This Is Her Now

Image source: eggs2themax

Yettichild: Well, that’s one way to get a freshness check I suppose, but I wouldn’t trust it too much. My cat tries to lick my toes.

#5 Found This Little Baby Left Alone In The Middle Of A Parking Lot Yesterday, Taken Her Into A Vet And They Say She’s Doing Well So Far!

Image source: Idontwanttousethis

Jihana: So tiny!

#6 I Got Adopted By This Stray Beauty! Approached Me Out Of The Pitch Darkness, Scared The Crap Out Of Me, And Now I Can’t Wait To Get Home To Her. Still No Name, Formosa Mountain Dog

Image source: Kurtzva

River Daski: oh she’s so elegant! i love her!

#7 Adopted My First Dog!! I Named Her Bella Btw And She Wanted To Say Hi!

Image source: Food_product10

#8 Just Adopted This Handsome Boy

Image source:  No-Sugar-9712

#9 My Husband And I Adopted This 10 Year Old Baby, Who Was Previously Returned To The Shelter For “Hiding Too Much”. Now I Can No Longer Use The Bathroom Unsupervised

Image source: Kiloura

Yettichild: I’m getting Phantom of the Opera vibes.

#10 New Adopted Puppy Is A Bit Scared. Our Big Boy Has His Back, Turning Into A Helicopter Dad

Image source: Wutbot1

#11 Adopted This 4 Month Old Girl Today

Image source: HarryHood146

glowworm2: What a sweet girl.

#12 Adopted A Stray Cat, His Name Is Bob

Image source: cherryxbeau

A neighbor said that his ex owner lives on our street and had kicked him out years ago, and he stayed wandering around on our street for years, sleeping under cars. I only began to notice him this last year. I thought he belonged to someone because he had a collar on.

He started coming up to us when we’d take our dog for a walk and he’d be the most loving and friendly cat. When I started petting him I felt the dirt on his fur and that’s when I realized he wasn’t being taken care of. He started coming to our door for food and started sleeping on our doorstep. Within a few days we took him to the vet, got him a check up and vaccines (vet says he’s 5-6yrs), bought him toys, bowls for food and water, litter box, a soft bed (even though he sleeps on our bed), and we ripped the dirty collar off him, gave him a shower.

He loves to cuddle. He used to be so skinny, now he never misses a meal and comes to the kitchen and waits.

#13 Adopted These Two Brothers At 15 Years Old. They are brothers, lovers, and fighters all rolled in to one.

Image source: fabfrankie401

#14 Sweet Independent Girl. Very Quiet, And Doesn’t Bark. Just Short Quips And Yodels

Image source: jumpyracoon

#15 Just Adopted This Little Monster!

Image source: JohnnyBravido

LakotaWolf (she/her): Ah, grays are my entire heart <3 my old gray girl Wintressia was my baby for almost 20 years. Lost her in 2018, two months shy of her 20th birthday. I am still not the same without her.

#16 I Just Adopted A Dog. He Is A Year Old And Super Sweet. He Has Very Corse Fur. He Is Very Good With Kids And A Bit Lazy

Image source: Existing-Jackfruit10

#17 Leonard The Cat With The Benign Tumors Nobody Wanted Was Adopted

Image source: redt6

sbj: He’s so lucky to have found you, he’s going to have the best life now

#18 My Beautiful Street Kitties

Image source: kittycatprob

#19 My Dad’s Dog Adopted An Orange Boy

Image source: dumbucket

Tigger, showed up a few days before Christmas on my folks’ porch. Folks thought he might be a nearby farm cat, but he didn’t leave after a day and a half. Cruz, the dog, refused to eat his dinner in the second day and kept whining at the door. He didn’t go to his bowl till Tigger was let in. He then waited for Tigger to eat his full of his food before he finally ate. They’re now absolute best bros

#20 Hi, My Name Is Lulu. I don’t like any human but my own human.

Image source: Tricky_Ad_9787

#21 Adopting One Of My Teacher’s Baby Cat

Image source: Inverted_Soul787

Hilary Jones: as my grandmother would’ve said, this kitten looks like he/she’s been through a bush backwards 🤣

#22 Adopted A Stray Cat

Image source: TAbreZ9969

#23 Adopted Two “Undesirable Cats” At The Animal Shelter- A Very Scared Feral Kitten (Still Trying To Get A Good Face Pic) And The Fattest Cat In The Building

Image source: fightingcrime

Jane No Dough: Jack and Mrs. Sprat?

#24 This Is Pumpkin, A Street Cat Of 10+ Years That We Adopted!

Image source: someguywithdiabetes

#25 Missy’s Adoption Smile

Image source: Jnpaws

#26 The Cds Wasn’t Working For Me, So I Went To The Shelter And Adopted The Oldest Cat There. Meet Cucumber (named by my 7yo). He is a 10yo love bug.

Image source: cowgirltu

Kris: May he live 10 more years (or more) as a love bug 🥰😍

#27 I Just Adopted This Girl From An Elderly Couple. This is an 11 year old female red foot. Shell length of 15″.

Image source: ILL_MAKE_IT

#28 Saw Him At An Adoption Event And Couldn’t Say No. Say Hello To Our First Standard Issue, Chestnut!

Image source: kimmyann12012

Jane No Dough: Poor guy looks like he was feral for a long time. So glad he has a home now!

#29 I’m Adopting This One Eyed Baby Boy

Image source: Grouchy_Animal

#30 Adopted Our Very First Cat Last Weekend. I Was Worried We’d Get A Non-Friendly Cat Who Was Very Standoffish But She’s An Angel. Is Interested With Anything, Wants To Be Cradled Like A Baby, Vibrates All The Time

Image source: Dimrill

Pharmtechgurl: cool tat, too!

#31 Adopted This Little Booger About A Week Ago

Image source: Bluemanbob

#32 Meet Bumi! I Just Adopted Him And I’m A New Dog Owner

Image source: edward90

#33 Please Don’t Overlook The Older Cats When Adopting

Image source: wheresmyglasses-

He found his home with me 2 hours ago. He’s an older cat who’s owners fell ill & could no longer care for him. When the volunteer told me he’s been there a long time & that they don’t get many calls about him, I knew I had to give him his forever home

#34 Titan Was Cleveland Animal Protective League’s Longest Resident (315 Days). He Was Adopted Yesterday

Image source: carefulyellow

#35 Just Adopted My Girl. She Was Found Starving And Pregnant On The Side Of The Road By A Sweet Couple Who Delivered Her Babes And Nursed Her Back To Health

Image source: EventDue

KillerKiwi: Awwww. So sad but happy she found a home

#36 My Friend Adopted A Street Dog From Cyprus And I Got To Meet Her For The First Time Yesterday. One Ridiculously Photogenic Dog

Image source: OdboqpodbO

#37 We Adopted This Handsome Guy!

Image source: foreign_universal

#38 Adopted This Guy Yesterday. Meet Charlie. He Is So, So Beautiful. He’s Been Such A Joy Already (So Far ). He Is 1/4 German Shepherd, 3/4 Husky Or A Shepsky

Image source: ExoticWall8867

Libstak (edited): I’m guessing he is blind or those are some serious cataracts which can be fixed, won’t matter if he’s blind tho between his superior hearing and amazing sense of smell he will hardly notice.

#39 New Adoption; So Many Beans!

Image source: shephp01

#40 Meet Fred

Image source: Kindly_Gur_4203

His name was Mercury but I call him Fred. He is only 5 months old and he’s huge I think. It’s only day one but I’ve never met a cat like Fred. He wants to be directly near me and I’ve never met a cat who didn’t eventually get sick of pets and want some space from you. I love Fred already. Also Fred is really vocal and I think that’s neat.

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