40 Furry Travelling Companions That Melted Hearts

Published 1 month ago

Flying with animals can be a heartwarming experience filled with joy and companionship. Whether it’s a cuddly cat or a loyal dog, these furry friends bring a sense of comfort and happiness to the journey. Our team has gathered a delightful collection of wholesome and adorable photos featuring animal companions who have joined their owners on flights. Scroll down to witness the precious moments shared between these furry travellers and their human companions.

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#1 Meet Biscotti. This Was His Very First Flight. Best Customer On The Plane, For Sure

Image source: raedarlinn

Jay Scales: They should have flight therapy dogs & cats for those who are nervous…. it would take my mind off things!

#2 My Best Friend Has Never Been On A Plane Before. I Thought He’d Be Scared But He Loved It

Image source: LittleStJamesBond

Jay Scales: Happy pupper :)

#3 Got To Meet The Passenger In Front Of Me On The Plane

Image source: lazybeef

“Disembodied voice”: He wants that preztel so bad

#4 I Was Surprised With An Unexpected Guest On My Flight

Image source: Praeministri

#5 My Friend’s Cat, Charlie, On His First Plane Ride

Image source: TiltingMallard

#6 Flight Number 9 Is In The Books

Image source: AnswerLive45

#7 This Is The Only Acceptable Item That Can Poke Through Between My Seats

Image source: bunnnnnnnyx

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Boop!

#8 This Little Kitten Was On My Flight yesterday

Image source: Corydalin_eventually

#9 The Best Surprise Passenger You Can Have Next To You On A Flight

Jay Scales: Gorgeous! Wish I was as relaxed on a flight as this pup! :D

#10 His Fourth Time On A Plane, But First Time Next To The Window! I Was Confident Enough To Let Stanley Peep Out

Image source: Dinabona

silverbluesilk: Look at the white muffins!! What does it feel like if I hit them? (Source— there’s a little calico sitting next to me and meowing questions)

Denise Melek: I’ll catch this damn birds from here!

#11 Our Flight Has A Kitten! So Cute

Image source: yodagnic

#12 Good Boy’s Toy Doesn’t Fit In The Overhead Compartment

Image source: internethard

#13 I Got To Sit Next To Two Puppies On My Flight Back Home

Image source: ohheydonna

Colt Winkler: * melts casually*

#14 Bumped Into A Cornish Rex Breeder On Our Flight Transporting This Baby To Its New Home. They Let Us Hold Him The Whole Plane Ride And He Fell Asleep On My Husband. My Husband Fell Asleep Too

Image source: lilpowderpuff

#15 My Wingman. Taken Right Before His First Flight

Image source: MurdockCakeLie

#16 This Cutie I Met While Loading A Plane

Image source: disapointedmiles

#17 Whiskey Thanked Our Airline Pilot For Landing Us Home Safely

Image source: gracefulsea

flower petals: Only way working pilots and whiskey mix 💕☺️

#18 Best Flight Ever

Image source: meep4

Cecilia Herrera: Time for a belly rub.

#19 On A Flight Last Week, I Was Staring Off Into Space When This Guy Popped His Head Up To Visit His Neighbors

Image source: Cr3amy_G00dness

#20 Catch Flights, Not Feelings

Image source: louiethecream

“Disembodied voice”: I caught feelings, now what?

#21 Who Says Dogs Aren’t Happy On Planes?

Image source: yungsmegmuh

#22 Who Needs In-Flight Movies When You Have An In-Flight Corgi?

Image source: brevit

#23 Bodie’s First Flight

Image source: WetWoolley

#24 This Dog On My Flight To Oklahoma

Image source: patderkacz

TotallyNOTAFox: Ooh, heterochromia

#25 Today I Had To Travel Alongside These Three Rescue Dogs. Rex, Balam And Orly

Image source: darwinfranco

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: “Had to”? “Got blessed to” in my book!

#26 Airport Puppers Doin’ A Sploot

Image source: reddit.com

#27 Couldn’t Ask For A Better Neighbor On My Flight

Image source: ajwiedma

#28 Had An Excellent Seatmate For My Flight Back Home Today. 10/10. (Taken During Boarding)

Image source: Puppybrother

Tabitha: The only “lap child” the airlines should allow.

#29 This Pup Can Make You Forget All About Your Flight Being Delayed

Image source: mac_is_crack

#30 Sig’s First Time On A Plane! He Did It Amazingly

Image source: InsulinRage

#31 Puppy Was Sleeping Peacefully The Whole Flight

Image source: nobuthefluffy

#32 My Husky Helping Out With Pre-Flight Checks

Image source: Jagomagi

#33 Hears Someone Opening A Packet Of Crisps In The Seat Behind

Image source: hugoandursula

#34 The Best Flight Attendant

Image source: googlethegolden

flower petals: Golden Airlines should be a thing ❣️

#35 Truly A Beautiful Sequence Of Events

Image source: mayaxs

Colt Winkler: I felt this in my soul

#36 This Furry Passenger On Our Flight Was Traveling To Meet His New Family

Image source: DeceptiveDuck

#37 The Plus Side Of Having A Delayed Flight In Reno

Image source: insultant_

#38 This Dog On My Flight

Image source: __clayton

#39 When You Open A Bag Of Chips And The Gentleman In Front Can’t Contain Himself

Image source: fyflate89

#40 Assistance Dog In Training On A Plane. Hope You Enjoy This Picture

Image source: irishbilly

Tobias Reaper: that aint no dog thats a bloody bear

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