25 Times Animals Graced The Canvas In Historical Times, As Shared In This Facebook Group

Published 7 months ago

In the vast tapestry of art history, animals have always held a special place as subjects that captivate the imagination of artists. These creatures, whether majestic or humble, have been immortalized on canvases throughout the ages.

“Animals in Art through History,” a vibrant Facebook group, serves as a digital gallery that showcases some instances where animals have graced the canvas in historical times. Join us on a visual journey as we explore the remarkable depictions of animals that have left an indelible mark on the world of art.

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#1 A Catte, Mary, Queen Of Scots C.1569-84

Image source: Sandra Segal

LakotaWolf (she/her) : “A catte, indeed!”

#2 Spilled Milk , Alfred-Arthur Brunel De Neuville, (1852-1941)

Image source: Sandra Segal

#3 Butterflies, Johanna Sierko-Filipowska, 2010

Image source: Sandra Segal

Tamra : “This is gorgeous.”

#4 (Untitled), Penovác, Endre, 2012

Image source: Cristina Manfredi

Multa Nocte : “This is actually a really good portrait!”

Jane No Dough : “Adorable bundle of energy in 30 seconds of rest.”

#5 Cat And Moon, Molly Lemon, 2022

Image source: Lucrecia Borgia

Bored something : “Oh I love this one.”

#6 Martha B Rabbit, Shirley Barber 1995

Image source: Holly Oh AI

Maggie : “So comfy and cosy.”

#7 Ulla Thynell, Finnish Artist. Enchanted Forests 2022

Image source: Ana Jos

Jane No Dough : “Lovely!!”

#8 Portrait Of Sarah Bernhardt, Georges Clairin, 1876

Image source: facebook.com

Omni Unicorn : “I love that the dog and woman seem to match each other perfectly!”

LakotaWolf (she/her) : “Looks like a Borzoi :D”

#9 Woman Lying On A Bench, Carl Larsson, 1913

Image source: Jim Papadopoulos

Tabitha : “Yep, this is me. If it sit or lie down long enough, I will eventually end up looking like someone dumped a bucket of animals on me.”

#10 Walking Through The Village, Chris Dunn, 2019

Image source: Pepe Fox

Bored something : “This wouldn’t be out of place in an illustrated Wind in the willows.”

#11 Anonymous. 12th Century

Image source: Jim Papadopoulos

Lyone Fein : “Fluffy”

David : “What is it about old time paintings and cats? This one is better than many but still looks a bit weird. I see paintings of other things that sometimes look like photographic level of detail but cats look odd.”

#12 “The Rescue” Deb Garlick 2023

Image source: facebook.com

Lyone Fein : “So simple, but it says it.”

#13 Catnapping, Kim Johnson Nechtman, 2021

Image source: Barbara Carole Lee

Jane No Dough : “Beautiful play of light!”

#14 Cat With Her Kittens, Julius Adam, 1913

Image source: Asia Aesthete

Jay Scales : “The last year of peace in the modern age….”

#15 One For Now, A Couple For Later, Alison Friend, 2022

Image source: Silvia Franzolini

Jess Ovo : “Someone take the ones with chocolate away from him! D:”

Tamra : “I want a print of this one. 🤣”

#16 Late Uruk Period Copper Artifact (Hedgehog Depiction) Found In Syria, Dating Back To 3000 Bc

Image source: Lucrecia Borgia

Multa Nocte : “Them’s some mad skills!”

#17 I Don’t Know Anything About Any Doughnut, Alison Friend,2023

Image source: Jorge de Azevedo

Multa Nocte : “Lookit the telltale sprinkles!”

#18 Looking Tiresome (Aka Teasing The Cat), Yoshitoshi, Tsukioka ,1888

Image source: Cristina Manfredi

Mike Fitzpatrick : “That hair “thing” could definitely be pounced on by a playful kitty.”

#19 Heron, Jilly Henderson, 2023

Image source: Sandra Segal

Multa Nocte : “Nice textures to the painting!”

#20 Two Cheetahs, Lizzie Riches 1950

Image source: Віталій Слободяник

Multa Nocte : “Lovely!”

#21 Pierrot Et Le Chat, Théophile Alexandre Steinlen , 1889

Image source: Sandra Segal

Lyone Fein : “This cat is not happy.”

My O My : “It always fascinates my what cats put up with when human kittens are playing with them”

Bored something : “I like Steinlen’s art. He’s done some really good cat pictures. This isn’t his best.”

#22 Cat On Radiator, Steffen Kraft (Aka Iconeo), 2018

Image source: Sandra Segal

Multa Nocte : “That’s hysterical!”

#23 Dreamers, John George Brown, 1899

Image source: Anna Agelopoulou

Kelly H. Wilder : “Reminds me of Norman Rockwell’s work. Maybe Brown was an inspiration for him?”

#24 ‘egyptian Cat Hunting In The Marshes’ The Tomb-Chapel Of Nebamun Thebes, Egypt Late 18th Dynasty, Around 1350 Bc

Image source: Lyndsay Boyes-Lopez

David : “Ambitious cat/s”

#25 The White Owl, William James Webbe, 1856

Image source: Sandra Segal

Mimi La Souris : “looks soooo soft ! cuddle time ! (even if she kills me :D)”

Kelly H. Wilder : “It looks so dignified and distinguished, like an owl version of the monopoly man.’

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