50 Best Pics From The Best Photoshop Battles Ever

Published 7 years ago

We’ve featured quite a few Photoshop Battles over the years, from badass hawks and rugby cat to the dress of the Queen of England, but this time we’re bringing you a collection of the very best Photoshop battles that the internet has to offer.

Compiled by the guys at Bored Panda, the list below contains before and after pictures from some of our favorite PS battles ever waged. But which one is the absolute winner for you? Let us know in the comments!

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#1 German Shepherd On Ice

Image source: Smilodon-Fatalisjskoker

#2 Trump Trying To Close His Pen

Image source: janlaureys9Summerie

#3 This Rescued Sloth

Image source: vinevicious2Thebreeze

#4 This Badass Hawk

Image source: Lizardking1967Lizardking1967

#5 Just A Minute Of Your Time, Sir

Image source: pastafariangymnastbears_with_chainsaws

#6 Screaming Llama

Image source: Darkvastindavepollotart

#7 Hugh Jackman Looking Out Of A Car Window

Image source: Navinox97NeverCallMeFifi

#8 This Dog-Friendly Gate

Image source: GallowBoobSkulkiBones

#9 Donald Trump In A Bathrobe

Image source: OMGLMAOWTF_comsantorumsandwich

#10 Their Expression Says It All

Image source: discovickeSirCalvin

#11 A Quokka Photobombing A Selfie

Image source: LeSpatulaLeSpatula

#12 Capybara With Some Squirrel Monkeys

Image source: SteveT2112Eapolis

#13 Cat Flowing Down A Sofa

Image source: meerkatisnotacatartunitinc

#14 A Frog With Snails On Its Head, Resembling Princess Leia

Image source: londond109PmYourNipplePiercing

#15 Fox Smelling A Flower

Image source: JavaReallySucksRexLeou

#16 This Gecko Strumming A Leaf

Image source: Dusty_clitDudeski021

#17 This Alpaca Judging Your Driving Ability

Image source: FaunsteinDeathSludge

#18 Leonardo Dicaprio Hiding From Paparazzi

Image source: Felix0900Cmatthewman

#19 Guilty Leopard

Image source: Duderino732-doitforjohnny-

#20 Bird Kicking Bird

Image source: Eric2579do_u_even_lift_m8

#21 2 Dogs Hugging

Image source: ahaha_69Elelegante101

#22 This Dog Making A Ridiculous Face

Image source: Byzelost0l1

#23 Mr. Seal Your Girl

Image source: rocklouitsTourched

#24 Happy Dog Wearing A Tiara

Image source: aturnernatorSreyware

#25 This City Needs Me

Image source: bladexngtndmweb

#26 Bird By A Space Heater

Image source: _korbendallas_cyan1618

#27 Cat In Tree Stump

Image source: TrisTanK989xprmntng

#28 George W Bush At The Trump Inauguration

Image source: rotzooiDjugdishGeorge W Bush at the Trump inauguration

#29 Bet My Food

Image source: PhasechangeRexLeou

#30 This Handcarved Avocado

Image source: LtPazuzuTheFaustin

#31 This Unflattering Picture Of Donald Trump

Image source: LZMRaulworkingat7

#32 This Girl Sitting On The Edge Of A Cliff

Image source: Realkektusartunitinc

#33 Boondog Saints

Image source: dingdong22221porkchop-sandwhiches

#34 This Dog Crossing Its Legs, Staring At The Camera

Image source: acslatorSlumber_Naut

#35 Crow Riding An Eagle

Image source: yungwurmsyungwurms

#36 A Dog In A Tree

Image source: _korbendallas_Kweeveen

#37 Pink Flamingos On A T. Rex

Image source: SheepCantFly2Thebreezes

#38 You Will Learn Respect. And Suffering Will Be Your Teacher

Image source: Keypawcginspire

#39 This Dog With Three Sticks

Image source: sushisuisidePM_ME_FUN_PICTURES

#40 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Hesitating To Shake Donald Trump’s Hand

Image source: cleantoeiamkunii

#41 Salesman

Image source: unknownRexLeou

#42 Draw Me…

Image source: zeeeeeraTheHongKongBong

#43 This Squirrel Doing A Super Hero Pose

Image source: FlamingoShameFlamingoShame

#44 Surprise

Image source: Tyediedunknown

#45 No Longer A Third Wheel

Image source: amayonazingchris2315

#46 Perfect Pear Butt Photoshop Battle

Image source: WantMyNameBackJohnebones

#47 Creation Of Turtle

Image source: Respectful_LurkerBlueBuddy

#48 Breaking Tad

Image source: RedditDrWankalot

#49 Justin Trudeau Waving To Prom-Goers

Image source: santorumsandwichScoped043

#50 Dogfather


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