Trump Asks The Media To Stop Publishing Pics Of His Double Chin, Here’s The Internet’s Reaction

Published 7 years ago

We’ve seen Donald Trump in so many different lights, that we could make a full spectrum. Being a person of such interest leaves him no chance to hide from a public eye, which also comes at a price. And the latest bill comes from a legion of Photoshop trolls, who targeted Trump’s chin in their latest strike.

Politico reported that Trump recently held a meeting with a bunch of media executives and anchors in Trump Tower, and complained about the way some news outlets were covering him, especially relating to the photos of his chin.

That’s all it took those anxious redditers to make the most of it. They responded in creating some of the funniest new versions of Donald’s chin, giving it the life of its own. If these give you ideas, make sure to unleash your Photoshop potential in the comments!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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This is the first Photoshopped pic, which started it all


#1 You Can’t Make Me Look In There. I Will Not Look In There. I Guarantee Nothing Good Is In There


Image source: BlueMacaw

#2 Going Anywhere, Gandalf?


Image source: MsElsaMars

#3 The Trump Candle


Image source: workingat7

#4 Never Let A Vogon Read You Tweets


Image source: KratistJo

#5 Grab ’em By The Babeh Back Rrribs!


Image source: calilac

#6 Who’s Really In Charge


Image source: bluetrick

#7 We Have The Best Hundred-hand Slaps, Don’t We?


Image source: TubbyCamper

#8 The Umpa Lumpa Edition


Image source: bmblebe

#9 Can Someone Hand Me A Napkin?


Image source: breanna_marsh15

#10 Trump Will Be In Office For 35,040 Hours


Image source: jbenz

During the election, Trump really was everywhere. Even on the bus in Kopenhagen.


In cahoots with the secret orde...
With nobody. In cahoots with nobody.

Got wisdom to pour?



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