People Share 30 “Street Smart” Tips That Might Help You Out In A Tough Situation

Published 3 years ago

There are certain things that you won’t learn in school or read in textbooks, things that can only be learned through real-life experiences. Thankfully, there are people out there who gathered this experience and are will to share it with others, so that the next time you find yourself in a tight spot, you’ll know exactly what to do.

A little while ago, two Reddit users, u/breadedsnake and u/ForcupinePucker asked people to share some “street smart” tips and received hundreds of useful answers that will teach you how to stay out of trouble and how to get out of it if you do. Check out some of the best pieces of “street smart” advice in the gallery below!

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Image source: Aguacero7

Street smarts to give your kids: if you get lost, find the closest adult with kids.

I saw this in action once at Disneyland when a 4 year old kid approached me and my kiddos while we were eating. She joined us very calmly, introduced herself, and said her parents gave her the above advice. I heard her parents shouting her name not long after, and the relief on their faces was a sight.


Image source: ninten-dont

Adults DO NOT ask children for help.


Image source: =Xiaozhu

If I’m in an unfamiliar city, I’ll explore freely every neighbourhood as long as there are women and kids around. Most mums don’t hang outside with their kids if the street/area is unsafe.

This worked very well for most throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia.


Image source:  Dajerts

You might be “correct” when you have the right of way, but you’re still the one that’s going to be dead when you get whacked by the car if you’re walking or on your bike.


Image source: Heroshade

Walk fast and look pissed off.


Image source: Sin117

Having good manners, and speaking with respect, will keep you from getting in trouble you didn’t know was there.


Image source: E_911

If the situation doesn’t feel right, it’s not right. Trust your spidey sense.


If you have a random cop come to your house on The night before you leave for Europe with your family, don’t tell him your going away until you call his superior to make sure he’s a cop.

Your welcome you filthy animals

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Image source: aardvarkheart

If a group of people suddenly get down, so do you.


Image source: kothecat

Lock your doors as soon as you’re in your car


Image source: Crocutaborealis

Wear shoes you can run the f**k away in.


Image source: Diablo165

If you’re walking and someone approaches, don’t break stride. You can carry on a conversation while walking, but people who are looking to proselytize, sell you something, or mug you will want you to slow or stop to address them.

If they want to chat, make them keep up with you. You can even tell them that you’re in a rush but would love to talk and walk.

They’ll likely find someone more stationary, because if you can make a person slow, you can make them stop. If you can make them stop, you’ve already adjusted their priorities and placed yourself at the top.

It’s a subtle power game. Keep going where you’re going, and you retain your power. Stop and cat, and you’ve given it up and opened yourself to possible problems.


Just because someone is friendly with you, doesn’t mean they have a good heart.

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Image source: gustavoramosart

Always ask for only one scoop of ice cream first because they make single scoops bigger, then act like you changed your mind and ask for a second scoop. They will be pressured to match the size of the first scoop, providing you with a massive amount of ice cream.


Image source: MildlyobsessedwithSB

Eye contact. A lone assailant will often use the element of surprise to their advantage. If you’re walking alone and someone is following you, make eye contact to let them know that you are aware of them. This will often dissuade them from attacking.

This tactic has worked for me in the past.


Carry a fork with you. if someone approaches you, say “lord, thank you for this meal I’m about to have” and charge at them with the fork

Image source: _HorseInTheHospital


Image source: MrsDoctorSea

Never flash your whole wad of cash in a public place while paying for something. Keep a few bucks loose in one pocket for spending. Keep the majority of your cash in a separate pocket. Don’t open a wallet full of all your money where other people can see you.


This reminds me of a comedian who was saying the best way to stay safe in a rough neighborhood is to fake a Russian accent cause Russians are terrifying.

Image source: midnightsy


Image source: Dizzy_Amphibian

If it sounds too good to be true it is


If you are walking alone at night and you feel like you’re being watched/followed. Start talking to yourself.. loudly about crazy shit. Make it a conversation even.

Omg did you SEE her dress?

That dress was so crazy long. Like how could she walk? Let alone walk in that grocery store!!

And those cheap plastic shoes!!

I own those cheap plastic shoes!! Are you saying I’m Cheap!!

If the cheap plastic shoe fits honey!

I’ll admit to doing this. I used to work graveyard shifts and you gotta be aware. Most people no matter how bad try to avoid crazy. Crazy will hurt you back.

Image source: MissMurderpants


Image source: AltheaInLove

If you’re driving and hit black ice just take foot OFF GAS BUT DON’T BREAK until the slide stops.


Never post vacation information on social media until you’re back. You’ll most certainly get robbed at some point if you’re not smart about it.

Also, don’t put expensive product boxes (TV, computer, appliances) outside before trash day. People will see your new toys.

Image source: acelkins720


Image source: H0T-S0UP

Don’t ever tell the cab driver you don’t know where you’re going.


Let’s say a kidnapper throws you in the back of a trunk. Don’t panic! Once you get your bearings, find the carpet that covers the taillight. Peel back the carpet, make a fist, punch the taillight out the back of the car, thus creating a hole in the back of the automobile, then stick your little hand out and wave to oncoming motorists to let them know that something hinky is goin’ on.

Image source: criuggn


Image source: MrJuniperBreath

Before using any ATM, tug hard on the plastic card reader. Scammers often put a fake one on top that steals your info.


If you are forced to walk through a bad/dangerous neighborhood, keep your chin up and maintain a confident and comfortable look on your face.

Nothing screams “abuse me!” more than an out-of-place person waking around with their chin down, looking at the sidewalk.

I learned this after visiting a new girlfriend many years ago in a bad section of Philly. I was walking down the street towards her house and a local female walking by my said, “keep that chin up around here, white boy.” The more I considered that advice, the more logical it sounded.

Image source: reality_beast


Image source: spacemanspiff66

Carry an extra wallet with $50 in it and throw it if someone tries to rob you. STREET SMARTS!


Don’t tell even close friends the amount of money you have on you. I was set up by an 18 year old female coworker this week. She seemed like a sweetheart and was giving me rides to work for a few days. I asked on the Monday if we could go to bank as I needed to cash a check for roughly $4500. Minutes after dropping me near house I was robbed at gunpoint of everything by 2 guys. They knew how much they were looking for. The robber said he watched me leave bank but the police saw on camera near home that they had been waiting for me for an hour. One of the robbers was her ex/current boyfriend it turns out.

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Image source: silverguy23

Do not trust taxi drivers if you are a tourist


Image source: Back2Bach

Look up and notice if street lights have been shot out or smashed.

If so, avoid those areas at night – there’s a reason they’ve been disabled . . .

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