Bin That Looks Like Donald Trump Sparks THE BEST Photoshop Battle

Published 7 years ago

When in Paris, Twitter user Thomas Regembal took a picture of a rubbish bin with personality, a personality which soon got a name of Donald the Bin and a life of it’s own as a doppelganger of the new US president.

British comedy website The Poke gave a start to this by inviting people to “do your wonderful stuff with it” using the hashtag #TheAdventuresOfDonaldTheBin. And wonderful things did happen when the never idle Photoshoppers got involved. Check out theire funny creations below, or even better, make one yourself! (h/t)

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The Original

Image source: Stom Regembal

#1 Mount Trumpmore

Image source: omfgthelife

#2 Bin Of The Year

Image source: loosemeds

#3 After A Leaked Photo Emerges, Sean Spicer Denies Trump Cabinet Members Are Manufactured Puppets

Image source: monkey_wrangler

#4 The Adventures Of Donald The Bin

Image source: GingerPower

#5 Donald Being Carried To His Inauguration By The First Lady And The First Lady Elect

Image source: Okeating

#6 Donald The Bin

Image source: seltiti

#7 Off To Build A Uge Wall

Image source: TIMMYNEAL

#8 Footage Of Donald Trump The Bin’s Terrifying Encounter With An Eagle

Image source: megabren

#9 Swearing In Of The Rubbish™

Image source: loosemeds

#10 American Gothbin

Image source: ThePoke

It’s not the first time Trump gets into the sights of Photoshoppers.


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With nobody. In cahoots with nobody.

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