25 Relatable Memes For When Your Brain Just Says ‘Nope’ To Work

Published 1 month ago

Someone somewhere has already probably said it, but truly some days “work is a real drag”. It’s a sentiment many of us can relate to, as we navigate through jobs that might not always bring us joy. But fear not, because there’s a silver lining: the rise of online groups and memes that celebrate the anti-work ethos. 

From niche communities to broad job networks, there’s a shared sense of camaraderie in finding humour and solace in our work woes. And let’s face it, sometimes a good meme is just the pick-me-up we need to power through the day.

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#1 Finally Someone Who Gets It!

Image source: Green____cat, scraptown79

troufaki13: Solidarity!! 😊

#2 Sounds Ridiculous When You Change The Context

Image source: Deathrider66, sarahclazarus

#3 Don’t Be A Sucker

Image source: Deathrider66, Dixie3Flatline

#4 Boss Canceled Our Christmas Party Cause This Broke The Bank

Image source: vando_commando

Penguin Panda Pop: We don’t ‘Reese’pect you enough to pay you properly.

#5 Poop On Your Own Time, Dammit!

Image source: couchtater12

Penguin Panda Pop: A bow movement? Shoot your arrows quicker and don’t miss the boss next time.

#6 Red Flag Phrases In Job Posts

Image source: AlienSayingHi

Sue User: I feel this in my soul.

#7 This Is Awesome

Image source: TheRoyalDon

Sue User: Try that in USA and i guarantee the headline would be ” Bus drivers sued for unauthorised use of company equipment while on strike”

#8 That’s Just Not Ok

Image source: Green____cat, jordan_stratton

#9 Welcome To The Team

Image source: Deathrider66

#10 Every Damn Time

Image source: Deathrider66

#11 Your Salary Won’t Be Very Good Starting Out

Image source: kkkan2020

Ael: Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

#12 We Became A Robotic Society

Image source: Common_Thinker

#13 Perfect Picture For This Statement

Image source: Deathrider66, Adam_Karpiak

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: Lots of public bodies such as councils do this. They already know who they want for the job but are often legally required to advertise the position publicly. A complete waste of time and money.

#14 How About You Actually Peep The Attached Resume?

Image source: couchtater12

#15 Triple Is Too Little For Now

Image source: DefiningWealth, DefiningWealth

#16 The Answer To “Get A Better Job”

Image source: Green____cat, suchnerve

Penguin Panda Pop: It’s absolutely infuriating that actual members of government (in the UK at least) spout this utter nonsense. Saying that some jobs shouldn’t earn a living wage is ridiculous. Capitalism says that cleaners don’t deserve to live so we’ll just go along with that, because we obviously don’t need things to be cleaned.

#17 He Was A Mailman

Image source: Green____cat, missmayn

#18 Would Do You Leave A Job Like This?

Image source: patovc

#19 Even Recruiters And Career Coaches Say This Job Market Is Not Normal

Image source: Concept-Genesis

Monoxide: I was ghosted by a company that was trying to headhunt me from my current role. Called, offered me a massive pay increase, I did 2 phone interviews, then… nothing. Not one single person out of 4 I was in communication with would return calls or emails. Im not mad about not getting the position (honestly, I wasnt super into it based on one of the bosses being a guy I used to work with), but you came TO ME… Then ghosted. I was annoyed and confused.

#20 Just A Bit Of Levity For Everyone

Image source: bri1942, bri1942

#21 20 Years Of Failing In Richest Country On Earth

Image source: Common_Thinker

Sue User: Lets not forget that servers wages have not gone up one cent in 20 years.

#22 Those Meetings Are So Important

Image source: Deathrider66, InternetHippo

#23 A Dumb Take And A Smart Comeback

Image source: Green____cat

#24 Is This True ?

Image source: -Let-Me-Solo-Her-

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): A lesson I learned after COVID. Before COVID, I held the same job at the same place for 12 years. Afterword I jumped from five places in two years. Got a raise every time.

#25 Red Bull Declined My Job Application, So I Sent This Snazzy Response

Image source: maximagent

The Darkest Timeline: Must be all the Red Bull


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