35 Relatable Posts About Anti-Work, Burnout And The Work Revolution

Published 5 months ago

Some days we all feel like we could use a break from our jobs. At the core of it, we appreciate our source of bread and butter but let’s face it, waking up every day to work can get pretty repetitive. 

People keep saying we need to make changes, but whatever happened to that 4-day-work-week campaign? Are we in fact talking about it out loud, but at heart, against such change or too tired to make the change? One meme page, No Hour Work Week, tackles the current issues faced by the working sector head-on with some genius posts. Scroll below for a peek at some of their most relatable, thought-provoking and humorous pieces. 

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#1 Imagine A World Where We Worked To Build Beautiful Communities, Share With Our Neighbors, And Everyone Had What They Needed To Thrive

Image source: HypnagogicStryx

LaserBrain: It’s not just the workers who generate profits. I’m happy to contribute my skills and take my share, while the people who had the vision, took the risk, and managed the enterprise take theirs. I don’t need their headaches.

#2 The 20th Century Labor Movement Gave Us 8 Hour Days, The 21st Century Labor Movement Will Bring Us 3 Day Weekends

Image source: nohourworkweek, BrennanCaldwell

StrangeOne: Need 2 stay in bed days for doing what I feel like I want to do. Not what I feel like I have to do because it was instilled in me in childhood.

#3 The Biggest Casualty Of Modern Work Is My Creative Practice

Image source: nohourworkweek

#4 ***relatable Content Alert*** This Is True For All Workplaces And Industries

Image source: nohourworkweek

#5 These Frogs Get It

Image source: nohourworkweek

Sephora Black: Not a cell phone in sight. Just 3 frogs living in the moment.

#6 If Your Pay Doesn’t Rise With Inflation It’s A Pay Cut

Image source: nohourworkweek

SCP 4666: Good ol’ WordArt

#7 Tbh My Main Goal Is To Have As Much *autonomy* Over My Work As Possible. For Myself And For The People I Work With

Image source: nohourworkweek

WFH Forever: Asked what I want to be doing in 5-10 years? Exactly what I am doing now, still work from home, thank you very much. I don’t want to supervise, I don’t want to move to another department, etc. Just let me do the job I love.

#8 Repost

Image source: nohourworkweek

StrangeOneIt took me a few years. Largely because job searching is no fun in the sun, either. Same with being the new person and going through training all over again, and having managers, supervisors and coworkers pissed off at you for being slow and making rookie mistakes. Ugh. It’s a necessary evil, though.

#9 I Had To Wake Up Every Day At 5:30 Am To Get To High School… It’s All Part Of Our Conditioning To Be Chronically Exhausted Dutiful Workers We All Deserve Better

Image source: nohourworkweek

Kathleen McGann: “Back in my day, we had to suffer so now you do too” thinking is no way for a society to progress.

#10 Memes For Anyone Who Has Had To Lie When Asked “Why Do You Want This Job?”

Image source: nohourworkweek

#11 Be Like This Person

Image source: nohourworkweek, pseudo310

#12 They Are Called Boundaries Hunty

Image source: nohourworkweek

#13 And Be Sure To Charge Your Consulting Rate

Image source: nohourworkweek

John L (edited): Or don’t fall for the trap…. I’ve been in the workforce for over 30 years and this recent trend of “job tryouts”, just baffle me. I’ve even heard of “employers” having a prospective employee, program an app or solve a problem for them….for free….of course, with no job offer. Then the “employer” rinses and repeats.

#14 Relatable

Image source: nohourworkweek

#15 If You Needed A Sign To Quit Your Job…

Image source: nohourworkweek

Moxitron Jazz:  That guy shows initiative. I’d hire him…

#16 Just Looking For The Least Annoying Way To Afford Food And Shelter

Image source: nohourworkweek, InternetHippo

Jack Burton: Leats annoying way to have money. Yep i’m into this. Cannot be a gangster that’s too annoying. And not talented enought to earn money with something i like to do. So a job. Least annoying is ok.

#17 Hmmmm

Image source: nohourworkweek

Corvus: “BuT tHaT’s CoMmUnIsM!” – conservatives & Elon Musk

#18 Every Damn Day

Image source: nohourworkweek

StrangeOne: I feel not alone anymore.

#19 I Felt That

Image source: nohourworkweek

Isabella: Sadly, not true… I’ve spent 6hours at school with people who made me feel angry and sad and I hated it there, then I spent rest with blood relatives who did the same, Work is no different, except I am paid to deal with this s#it.

#20 If I’m Being Really Honest, I’d Say No One Should Work More Than 20 Hours A Week But Something Tells Me Folks Aren’t Ready To Hear That Message

Image source: nohourworkweek

StrangeOne: Parents are somewhere in front with the spike strips.

#21 I Put “Busy” On My Calendar Before And After Zoom Meetings For This Reason

Image source: nohourworkweek

JoMeBee: Too obvious. Use “prep” and “debrief”

#22 Stop Glamorizing The Grind

Image source: nohourworkweek

JennikJust to acknowledge the artist: it’s a scene from a book by Swedish author-illustrator Sven Nordqvist (possibly Pancakes for Findus).

#23 Only Time I’ve Been Happy In My Entire Life

Image source: nohourworkweek

Abel: It’s a dilemma🫤. Money or free time?

#24 At This Rate This Is Going We Should Be Demanding Even More Than $24

Image source: nohourworkweek

#25 Deeply Relatable Content

Image source: nohourworkweek

Jack Burton: That’s the all point of the day. I just count hours and my only goal is to leave at time.

#26 Millennial Work Culture In One Email

Image source: nohourworkweek

#27 “I Hope This Email Doesn’t Find You. I Hope You’ve Escaped, That You’re Free.”

Image source: nohourworkweek

#28 I Feel Personally Attacked

Image source: nohourworkweek

#29 ???

Image source: nohourworkweek, EmployeeTears

The.Butterfly.Effect.530: Any company that has to tell you they are a family. Believe us we know if it is or not. You don’t have to tell us.

#30 File This Under: Take All Of Your Vacation Time Commit Time Theft Do The Least Required Of You To Do Your Job

And to all my fellow perfectionists out there: be gentle with yourself! You are worth more than your productivity and output.

Image source: nohourworkweek, SamuelKOfficial

#31 “We’re Alive Just As Nature Is Alive”

Image source: nohourworkweek

#32 Me And My Work Bff Choosing The Same Zoom Breakout Room

Image source: nohourworkweek

#33 This Is The Important Distinction Most People Seem To Miss

Image source: nohourworkweek

Yaba Dabado: Louder for those in the back please

#34 In My Experience, Managers Seem Obsessed With Bandaid Solutions Instead Of Addressing The Root Cause Of Burnout, Equity Issues, And Low Retention. Make It Make Sense

Image source: nohourworkweek

leendadll: Webinar?!? I had a job where, after being called into HR for some BS and balling my fists so tight that my fingernails drew blood, I confessed that I was suicidal. When I returned to my desk, they’d left me a brochure for the “Employee Assistance” phone support. Joke was on them… 3 hours later I went on 6 months of stress leave at 100% salary. But, honestly, even with staying home it took 3 months to stop having intense daily work anxiety.

#35 Staff Retention 101

Image source: nohourworkweek

chickpea me: Or give them fancy titles. That one works as well.

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