30 Times People Spotted The Most “Mildly Interesting” Things And Just Had To Share Them With The World (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Have you ever came across something interesting enough to grab your attention yet not really something you would call “fascinating”? If the situation sounds oddly familiar, then today we’d like to introduce you to a whole online community that’s entirely dedicated to these slightly entertaining discoveries.

Mildly Interesting is a subreddit with over 19 million members who regularly share all the “not overly interesting” things they’ve managed to come across, and they’re actually more fascinating than the name might suggest. From LEGO flowers to drivable pirate ships, check out a collection of mildly interesting things shared in this online group in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to read the first part here!

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#1 My Hotel Phone In Iceland Has A Special Button That Will Wake You Up If There Are Northern Lights In The Sky

Image source: KristjanHrannar

#2 Missing Cat Owner Posted A Follow Up Where The Previous Missing Posters Were

Image source: Coffygrier

#3 My Apartment Complex Rented Out 200 Goats To Eat Away At The Overgrown Path And Riverbed Behind Our Buildings!

Image source: clairvoyantweed

#4 My Dining Room Table Houses A Secret Spiral Staircase

Image source: CharmingtheCobra

#5 Miniature Traffic Playground In Copenhagen Where Kids Learn To Bike In Traffic

Image source: ledigtbrugernavn3

#6 I Gave My Wife LEGO Flowers For Her Birthday

Image source: CapnFancyPants

#7 I Came In My Kitchen To Find A Lizard Using A Sponge As A Raft In The Sink. (I Live In New Mexico)

Image source: bassmansrc

#8 When I Went To Switzerland And Happened To Look Exactly Like This Random Wood Statue

Image source: Blueskyblonde

#9 How Well Our Movers Tetris’d Our Stuff

Image source: Chrenen

#10 Last Night My Wife’s Uber Had A Duck In It

Image source: purplepotables

#11 This Incredibly Detailed Picture I Took Of A Bonfire

Image source: awake69

#12 I Was Trying To Take A Picture Of The Guy In The Costume And A Person With With Opposite Colors Walked Into The Frame

Image source: plsbabylemonade

#13 A Supplier Of Ours Now Fills His Packages With Air-Cushions Made Out Of Paper Instad Of Plastic

Image source: zusakipcg

#14 My Fiancé Capped The End Of A Cut Banana With Banana Skin

Image source: TimpaniSymphony

#15 My Local Library Has Cake Pans Available To Check Out!

Image source: Museumgirl82

#16 The Banisters At My Hotel Were Held Up By Little Metal Men

Image source: delicatedead

#17 Found An Arrowhead In A Dried Up Stream!

Image source: awkwardlytallguy

#18 Townhouse In Dc Has A Cute Little Model Townhouse In Its Front Yard (And The Model Has Its Own Model!)

Image source: tomveiltomveil

#19 My Butter This Morning Looks Like A Happy Naked Man

Image source: kaatastrof

#20 This Ornamental Hand At My Local IKEA With The Middle Finger Ziptied Down

Image source: OranguPanda

#21 The Tailgate Of This Truck Is Painted To Look Like There’s A Bulldog In The Bed Of The Truck

Image source: Vintage_AppleG4

#22 The Way My Wife Eats Cheetos Without Messing Up Her Mouse

Image source: PCMRbannedme

#23 This Group We Came Across In A Forest Casually Hiking In Medieval Outfits

Image source: ksanyee

#24 The Gap In My Bedroom Window Became A Pinhole Camera

Image source: scarebulging

#25 A Cast Iron Cauldron I Found Buried In My Forest

Image source: BoosterSqueak

#26 The Air Filter I Just Took Out Of My Lawnmower vs. The One I Replaced It With

Image source: CourteousEnd785

#27 There Was A Massive Pirate Ship Driving Around My Neighborhood

Image source: ceqwz

#28 Before It Was Sprouted, This Tree Went To The Moon

Image source: bigmalakili

#29 My Cat Fell Asleep Looking Like He’s Standing Up

Image source: fofizzleshizzle

#30 This Is A Truck Carrying The Signs You See On The Interstate

Image source: person7849

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