20 Of The Funniest April Fools’ Jokes And Pranks From Famous People And Brands

Published 1 year ago

There is little appreciation for fake things in our world except for maybe on April Fools’ Day. The day when a brand or a celeb can choose to fake almost anything and everything and still get away with it. From self-ironic posts to outright gags, these perfectly executed pranks and jokes by famous people and brands were the highlights of this year’s April Fool’s Day to Netizens’ surprise. 

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Image source: kitkat


Image source: Dominos_UK


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Image source: walkers_crisps

#7 Usher Pretending That Beyoncé Would Be Joining Him On Stage At Dreamville Fest

Image source: usher


Image source: waitrose


Image source: prattprattpratt

#10 “Rare Beauty” Releasing Super-Sized Blushes

Image source: rarebeauty


Image source: tinder

#12 New Duolingo Dating Show “Love Language”

Image source:  Duolingo

#13 Subaru Forager Granola

Image source: subaru

#14 It’s Been A Great Run But I’ve Decided To Devote The Next Ten Years To Kittens. Rick ?

Image source: ReallyRickAstley

#15 New LEGO Set

Image source: lego


Image source: modpizza


Image source: FrancisSuarez


Image source: PizzaExpress


Image source: howiemandel


Image source: realsarahpolley


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