25 Archaic Slang Words Netizens Still Like To Use To This Day

Published 2 months ago

In the fast-paced world of language, slang serves as a time capsule, capturing the essence of different eras. Indeed, language is always with us, evolving just like fashion does. Words become trendy and then fall out of use. In fact, it’s rather fascinating how certain words that were once all the rage can quickly become relics of the past. 

One online discussion delves into the nostalgic realm of outdated slang, sparking conversations that bridge generations. It’s a reminder that the way we express ourselves is not only a reflection of our present but also a connection to the diverse linguistic landscapes of our shared past. So, dive in and explore this thread’s linguistic time machine!

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I was unaware sweet was out of date.

I said sweet to a customer and the tweens thought it was hilarious. Dad said dude. I said sweet. Dad said dude… back and forth until we laughed. Made my day but the tweens looked so confused.


Image source: FiguringItOut79


I’ve been known to use the word “copacetic” on occasion.

Image source: Desperate_Ambrose



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Legit had someone ask where I was from one time.

Image source: Hardoffel


Bee’s knees.

Image source: CostofRepairs


I was at a grocery store a while back and the person working the register was a young 20’s woman. She said something and I responded with “Right on” and she responds with “Oh, I love old timey sayings!”

So I guess that’s my old timey saying that I still use.

Image source: JK_NC


“thingy” “thingamajig”

Image source: BananaBrains22


I’m the only person I know who responds to something with “Nice!”

Image source: booksandescape



Image source: aj357222


I still use jank/janky/janked a lot, which I feel is a bit outdated. And the occasional ‘bite me’.

Image source: WordStained


I finish every sentence with Man, and I call everyone Dude. ?

Image source: Traditional-Energy-7


Negating a sentence by end the sentence with “not”. For example: I trust Social Security retirement to be there for the young workers today, not!

Image source: cwsjr2323


Now we’re cooking with gas

Good grief

I refer to people as cool cats and good eggs

Image source: RealMichiganMAGA


Awesome sauce. I’m 49. I nearly fell over when my 17yo employee said it. She got it from her parents.

Image source: gonewildecat


Are the kids still saying yeet these days?

Image source: PostManOK


Cool beans.

Image source: Aunt-jobiska



Edit: especially feels weird now that I’m almost 40 and use it to describe mundane things like salad dressing.

Image source: BonfireMaestro


I still use “cool” and refer to my close friends as “dude”

Image source: Rokerr2163



Image source: skywalkerbeth


Mondo, tubular, groovy, totally colabrafo, radical. I’m basically a Ninja Turtle.

Image source: Spontanudity


Dude. I say it all the time…so much so that when my son was 3, he called me either “mommy” or “dude”.

I ctfu once at the grocery store when we were checking out once and my son said, “Dude, can I have candy?”

Cashier looked at me and said, “Did he call you Dude?”


Image source: Bea_Azulbooze


heavens to murgatroyd!

Image source: bestwave2


I tell people ‘peace out’ and acknowledge things with ‘word’. I’m 43

Image source: chaotoroboto


Grody instead of gross

Image source: Realistic-Low4450


“take it easy” is my go-to goodbye. I’ve been told that’s outdated.

Image source: StonedJackBaller

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