This Architecture Studio Released A Series Of Templates Children Can Use To Create Paper Cities During Lockdown

Published 4 years ago

If you think you’re bored being stuck at home all day, think about all the children that can’t go to school or go outside to play with their friends. However, British architecture studio Foster + Partners found a way to keep children entertained during the lockdown. They have released a series of paper building templates that kids can print out, color and use to build their own paper cities to keep themselves busy. The studio even encourages children to share their own creations on social media using the #architecturefromhome hashtag!

“Over the next few weeks we will be sharing new activities for children whilst at home, away from school. We’ll include drawing, making, playing, thinking, reading, watching and other activities to keep them entertained – for at least a few hours!” writes the studio.

More info: Foster + Partners | Instagram | Twitter | h/t: Dezeen

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Architecture studio Foster + Partners came up with a creative way to keep children occupied during the lockdown

In an interview with Dezeen, Katy Harris, a senior partner at Foster + Partners, said that the recent lockdown offered the studio an opportunity to create a number of online initiatives that educate and entertain the children that cannot attend school as well as support their parents.

They released a series of templates that kids can print out, color, and fold to create paper cities

Katy says that the studio’s initiative is a “chance for all of us to have some fun and learn at the same time”.

The studio encourages children to share their creations using the #architecturefromhome hashtag

“How about drawing the future architect and the most fantastical skyscraper ever designed!” writes the studio in their latest Twitter post. “This is so much fun and the whole family can play.”

Foster + Partners released templates for a skyscraper, houses and even a tutorial on how to draw trees like an architect.

So far the studio released templates for a skyscraper, some houses…

Katy says that the studio has tried to engage children in activities that are both practical and thought-provoking.

The studio’s main aim was to get children to ask questions about their surroundings and start thinking about the environment they built.

Even though the activities are aimed at children up to 12 years of age, everyone can join in on the fun. “From the responses we are getting, even older children are taking something from these activities,” said Katy. “The broad appeal means that anyone can develop them into something bigger and better.”

…as well as a worksheet showing how to draw trees

Katy says that so far the response has been “absolutely fantastic” and “a bit overwhelming”. The studio received emails from all over the world, including Canada, Spain, Italy, Australia and Cambodia. “We are glad to be able to brighten someone’s day or kindle their creativity in some ways –  stay tuned for many more fun activities!” concluded Katy.

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