Artist Takes Freckle Tattoos To Another Level By Turning Them Into Zodiacs

Published 7 years ago

Earlier this year we found out that tattooed freckles were actually a thing, but Jessica Knapik, a cosmetic tattoo artist from Michigan, put her own little spin on it by making the first ever astro-frecks – semi-permanent tattooed freckles that, when connected, form your zodiac sign’s constellation.

It was her interest in astrology that inspired Knapik to go for this design. “I also love things with hidden meanings,” the artist told Bustle. “This way you could get your Mom’s astrological sign, your Dad’s, your Grandma’s, and kind of pay tribute without getting a giant heart that says ‘Mom.'”

Before you go “there’s no way I’m inking my face!” we should tell you that cosmetic tattooing differs from the usual as it’s more gentle and less harsh for the skin. And even though the artist has only done one of these extraordinary freckle designs, knowing how popular fake freckles are it’s almost certain that she’ll be doing more of them in the future. “I would love to do more,” said the enthusiastic artist “Yes, this does create a little more work and planning on my end, but it’s totally worth it to do something unique and special for my client.”

Would you dare to get something that “unique”? Let us know in the comments below.

More info: instagram (h/t bustle)

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Jessica Knapik, a cosmetic tattoo artist, took faux freckles to another level when she came up with astro-frecks

The freckles she tattooed, when connected, form your zodiac sign’s constellation

The side by side comparison shows the attention to detail the artist puts into this:

This is how the client looked like before the procedure:


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