20 Examples Of Bad Logo Designs Shared By People Online

Published 1 year ago

Logo designing is one of the most creative and challenging categories in graphic design. If done right, simple arrangements of words and images can effectively communicate a great deal of stuff. However, if not done right, it may look absurd and ridiculous!

Today, we have collected some logo designs that seem weird, funny, or terrible. Check out the most hilarious ones in the gallery below.

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#1 The Logo For This Spicy Apple Jelly

Image source: u/KyleColby

#2 This Medical Centre’s Logo Is A Flat Line

Image source: u/izyzacov

#3 Not The Greatest Logo

Image source: u/1aappyy

#4 This Catholic School Logo

Image source: u/Jaggyjags

#5 Now That’s Just A Bad Logo. Period

Image source: u/ZuesAndHisBeard

#6 Unfortunate Door/Logo Placement On This Plane

Image source: u/nthensome

#7 An Unfortunate Logo For A Fitness Center

Image source: u/Dingwallace

#8 This Horrific Cafe Logo

Image source: u/Andrew_Reynolds

#9 The Second Line Of This Logo Did Not Age Well

Image source: u/HellaGayAli

#10 3lje Or Blue?

Image source: u/FedUpFrog

#11 Found At The Austin Airport – It’s Texas Like!

Image source: u/Sophie_e_m

#12 They Didn’t Think Their Logo Design Through Too Well

Image source: u/cthulhuscock

#13 Chonoo Zendle Noodle Bar

Image source: u/Kchind

#14 Jingleheimer Junction, Cartridges For Kids Logo

Image source: u/maldehyde

#15 There Is An Extra “R”, Normal Name Is Chuck Burger

Image source: u/quusky

#16 The Actual Logo Of A School Near Me

Image source: u/MagL33To

#17 Ke Lebab. Restaurant In Stockholm

Image source: u/Kalle__Kula

#18 Whoever Designed This Logo Made A Terrible Mistake

Image source: u/j1002s

#19 Girls’ Water Polo Team Logo

Image source: u/Bacicot

#20 My Son Who Just Started To Read, “Hell Baby. Hell Baby. Hell Baby!!!”

Image source: u/Hopeful_Relative_494

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