This Online Group Mocks Toxic Parenting Decisions, And These 30 Are Some Of The Worst

Published 1 year ago

While most of us want to be the best possible parents out there and we take that responsibility very seriously the same sadly cannot be said for everyone. Mistakes can happen to anyone but negligence is a brutal side-effect of bad parenting. 

This is why there are so many messed up people in the world because unfortunately, the reality is that there are so many messed up parents who don’t do right by their kids leading to damaged adults. The subreddit, r/BadParents is trying to name and shame these bad parents into changing their ways through awareness. So let’s see some examples from the real world of what not to do when raising a young and impressionable little human. 

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#1 Omg

Image source: Nerf_Bastion_69

#2 The Baby Is In There

Image source: Dmitriy205

#3 How Many?

Image source: QuackSenior,

#4 I Found This On Instagram

Image source: cheese-guy

#5 I Think This Meets The Criteria Of A Bad Parent?

Image source: Anti-HeroX17

#6 Wtf How Are You Gonna Let Your Daughter Do This

Image source: sublett2327

#7 Mom Cuts Daughter’s Hair Because Dad Got It Done Without ‘Permission’…”I Took My Boys To Get Their Hair Cut And Got My Bby Girl’s Hair Done. Look What Her Momma Did Just Because I Got My Bby Hair Did”

Image source: jsnelson21

#8 The Next Brad Mondo Right Here

Image source: ohhemilygee,

#9 For Stealing Food

Image source: Dani2003w

#10 Why? Just…why?

Image source:

#11 She Needs To Let Go

Image source: frozenpizzaisbest1

#12 When Your Dad(50) Gets His 21yo GF Pregnant And Then She Leaves Him. He Can’t Take The Rejection(And The Fact That She Won’t Get Back With Him) So Much So That He Would Rather Not Have Anything To Do With The Kid And Ropes You Into It

Image source:

#13 This Just Pissed Me Off

Image source: kitpinch

#14 Tf

Image source:

#15 Stupidity At Its Best

Image source: Ruatb

#16 Question And Answer Found On Quora

Image source: Lucci_754

#17 Why Though?

Image source: Zachary2005317

#18 This Mom

Image source:

#19 What The Hell

Image source: DragoonMaster638

#20 Translation: “She Broke My Phone So I Made Her Eat A Hot Pepper”

Image source: SadStanleyNights

#21 Why Would You Give Ghost Pepper Sauce To 4 Year Olds?!

Image source: kawaiitohru

#22 So Now The Animal Must Suffer Bc It Doesn’t “Like Your Daughter The Split Second It Meets Her”??

Image source: BoopBoop20

#23 Don’t Punish The Dog For Your Terrible Parenting

Image source: Opening_Geologist_25

#24 Wow

Image source: Atomic_xd

#25 May This Person Not Have A Daughter Ever

Image source: Ginny_weasly_

#26 People Like This Just Shouldn’t Leave Their House

Image source: Delgumo

#27 Denying Daughter Therapy Because Of Grades. Like As If Mental Health Didn’t Affect Grades In The First Place?

Image source:

#28 This Is Awful

Image source: potatoesarecool4

#29 What A Horrible Parent

Image source: Taylasto

#30 Using Your Child’s Educational Growth For Views

Image source: GalaxyBunnyy

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