20 People Share What They Consider A Sign Of Bad Parenting

Published 1 year ago

We’ve just spent a lot of time with family over the holidays and those very interactions left Redditor u/ViForYourAttention reflecting on our interpersonal relationships with family members. While wondering what would happen if we don’t end up being good parents, he was inspired to post the question, “What screams I’m a bad parent?” on reddit. Users responded by sharing their honest, no holds barred, unfiltered opinions on bad parenting behaviors spotted by people in various setups that need to stop immediately.

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Image source: Lyeta1_1, Tanaphong Toochinda

Thinking that small children are just selfish tiny adults.

Your kid isn’t asking for stuff because they are selfish (mostly-we’re excluding their occasional manipulative tendenices). They are doing it because they are 5. Don’t be a d**k to your kid because they are asking for support/help/food.


People freaking out at their children for making a small mistake. Extra points if it was a totally genuine mistake like accident breaking a glass.

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Parents who can’t apologize to a child. It’s ok to have human emotions and moment to be triggered or struggling and lash out or be wrong but for the love of all things good APOLOGIZE AND CHANGE.


“Do this and that”
“Because I say so”
If you don’t explain your kids the why of doing things then you treat them like little servants and they grow up either submissive or rebel but never good.

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Remember: The opposite of love isn’t hate. It’s indifference.

If you see kids being neglected, or ignored, or not cared about _at all_, that’s a good indication that their parent/s aren’t good


Image source: Dependent_Noise_6249, Meruyert Gonullu

your own children being afraid of you, no child should be afraid of the person that looks after them nearly 24/7.


Image source: Onlyfansnanny, Sai De Silva

The infantilization of their children. Wanting them to stay helpless babies forever because they don’t want them to grow up.

I’m a nanny and it seems like a growing trend.

It’s one thing to engage is some infantile behavior or spoil your children a little. It’s another thing to bend to every whim and not make your kids uncomfortable. Example with some kids I’m currently dealing with, NOT POTTY TRAINING THEM.


Image source: heyitsvonage, RODNAE Productions

Not believing in telling your children “no”

The world will and *should* tell them “no” at times. They need to be prepared for that reality, or they will be an absolute menace to everyone around them.


Forcing your kids to do sports. I’d argue wrestlers were the worst as a lot of parents would deride their kids for daring to eat while forcing them into practice sessions that’d result in excessive vomiting, lacerations and cauliflower ear, even when the coaches voiced concerns the students were putting in too much.

In any case, it was often clear the parents were just trying to relive their glory high school years, vicariously through their own children. Same thing happens with football and other sports, but I’d argue they’re not quite as physically abusive.

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Image source: PotatoLord80085, Tatiana Syrikova

Not giving the kids rights/privacy


Image source: Ropre769, Allan Mas

Recording your child while they’re having a meltdown/tantrum and posting it on social media (for likes, clout, assurance or whatnots, no idea what they’re thinking)
Instead of helping them to regulate their emotions and understand what causes the emotion, how to deal with it, and that there are appropriate ways to communicate your feelings


Image source: mixedbatter, Angela Mulligan

Food Shaming, that’s a slide into an ED and lifelong Trauma. You can usually immediately tell if a child comes from a household like that or not


Image source: Rhaenelys, Charlie Foster

“You’re the reason I’m stuck with your father !”

Sure mom, sure…


Image source: TwentyThreePandas, Nathan Dumlao

Treating your kid as your therapist.


Image source: Ecstasiatee, Patricia Prudente

Treating your son as the man of the house because you’re single


Image source: muted_npc, Pixabay

Blaming your own mistakes and regrets on your kids


Image source: decayed_self-control, Pixabay

Demeaning your children as means of punishment


Image source: 50637, Yaroslav Shuraev

idk if this really screams it, but i absolutely hate when adults tell other adults their children’s shameful secrets for no reason. even strangers! it tells me those children probably don’t feel like they can trust their parents.


Image source: EclecticMermaid, Kindel Media

Saying “You’re too young to be depressed” and ignoring red flags from mental illnesses.


Image source: Acetamnophen, Pixabay

Invalidating your child’s feelings, struggles, and/or mental illness in favor of “you don’t know what struggling *really* is” or some form of “back in my day” or “you kids are so weak”.

You have just robbed your child of support, told them their feelings do not matter, and informed them that you are not a safe person to confide in.

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